Monday, January 21, 2013

Making Get Well Cards



We have two ladies in our church who are recuperating from falls and subsequent surgeries. So after our lesson on Sunday, I asked the children if they would like to make some Get Well cards for these ladies.  They jumped at the idea with smiles. So we scurried to get all of our supplies together and they got busy.

One of my goals for these children is to help them realize they are the hands and feet of Christ. I want them to learn from their own experiences the joys one receives from doing for others.

I hope you take the time to enlarge each photo and read the precious notes these kids wrote. I’m so blessed to have these children in my life and I’m positive these two ladies will receive a sweet blessing from these simple cards. What about you? What would your reaction be if you received a sweet, handmade card made by precious children?


I am so blessed to have these children in my life!So precious! I know this card will brighten Martha's day.2013 01 20_04242013 01 20_04252013 01 20_04262013 01 20_04272013 01 20_04282013 01 20_0429Matthew's card to Martha Palmer.Kodi's card, just precious!Madison's card impressed me!2013 01 20_04332013 01 20_0434Seth's cardCamron working on his cardMacayla and Bethany hard at work!Kodi always pays attention to details!Matthew adding stickers to the Get Well card he made.

Children's Church making Get Well cards for Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Palmer


Mari said...

I'm sure those cards will be the highlight of those ladies day! They are just so sweet!

Susan said...

Love this. How wonderful.

Anonymous said...

*hands and feet of Christ.* I love that!