Thursday, January 03, 2013

Day 3 ~ Organized!



I’m participating in another Photo A Day meme for the month of January and our word on the list  for today is “ORGANIZE”. I hope that means to START organizing!!


I’ve been experiencing quite a lot of pain for the past two weeks and haven’t been able to do daily household chores much less attempt to put away our Christmas décor. But thank the Lord, today I felt enough reprieve from pain that I excitedly pulled some boxes to the middle of our garage floor and began packing away our Christmas decorations. This should all be put away by tomorrow. I still have to take down the tree.


Another area that needs my attention and some purging is our office. We moved in a year ago and I still haven’t gotten the office organized, but that all changes this month!



What about you? Have you been bitten by the PURGING BUG or ORGANIZING BUG already this New Year?


Susan said...

No, the purging bug has not hit me, but I need for it to. I am far to sentimental about things that have been gifted to me. Trust you will be feeling LOTZ better and able to meet your goals and plans in this area.

Kristin said...

YES! Organizing my life is at the top of my resolution list. Because if you are organized then efficient and productive least I Jayna Leigh is sort of taking over the house so I'm doing the 3 D's De-clutter, Donate, & Dump.