Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Day 9 ~ Favorite...

The word for today is FAVORITE. I chose to post about my two most favorite pieces of jewelry!! They have sentimental value far above earthly value! The first is my Wedding Ring which is an antique pearl ring from Spain. It once was worn by my husband's grandmother! I was amazed when Agustin presented it to me on the day he asked me to marry him! It didn't look quite like this back then though. It had golden prongs coming around the pearl, sort of like a birdcage, but the tips of the prongs were open, not connected to each other. The pearl was loose inside the prongs and moved around. After my first baby was born, I somehow caught one of the prongs on a piece of the baby's clothing and it broke off. I knew that if I broke one more of those fragile prongs, my pearl would roll right out of it's little cage! One day while I was at work my husband took the ring to the jeweler's to inquire about the best way to go to secure the pearl. He suggested that all prongs be removed, melted down and a base formed from them, then set the pearl permanently on that base. That's what we did. I have worn it daily since then. I do not wash dishes or shower with it on though. This rings means so much to me!

The second piece of my favorite jewelry is the little heart pendant you see in the photo. It means the world to me because it was the first gift my two sons joined together to buy for me! They gifted it to me on Mother's Day many years ago when Shane, my second born, was only 2 years old. This little piece of my jewelry also has a story to tell. You see, I was going to give my makeup drawer in my vanity counter a quick spruce up. I just stuck the end of the hose of my mean ol' KIRBY vacuum in the drawer thinking that was a quick way to remove hairs from the corners of the drawer. I had forgotten I had placed my MOM pendant necklace in there for SAFE KEEPING! Ha! I was reminded about it though as soon as I heard that horrific sound;  the sound of it getting tangled around some of the mechanics of my vacuum!! My honey dumped the bag and dug through, finding all pieces of the necklace. The chain was in several pieces and the little heart was bent and doubled up - which meant MY REAL HEART felt bent and doubled up as well. Agustin washed it off and placed all the pieces in a baggie. I finally took it into the jeweler's today and he straightened out the heart. I still need to purchase a fine gold chain for it. The chain was irreparable. 

Now as I conclude this little post I realize I am a tad hard on my jewelry!!
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Mari said...

Hey - I can post a comment today! Blogger is crazy. :)
I love your jewelry. The sentimental value of both is huge! I have a few pieces like that too, and that type of value sure does exceed monetary value.

AllyJo said...

I love that ring. So sweet about the mom pendant. Your boys need to take jonah shopping for mom.

Anonymous said...

I'm hard on my wedding ring. I wear it out on special occasions mostly. I have had to have it repaired twice for knocking the stone to the far left out from probably bumping the drawer of the med cart. Its a smaller stone so I had to replace it each time too. So sometime before Ella was born I quit wearing it to work. I am know to lose earrings and break chains pretty good too so I know your pain, lady : )
Glad they could fix both.
Here's hoping you look before you vacuum for now on,

Susan said...

Two precious, lovely items. Thank you for sharing the history of them both and why they are so special & favorites.