Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Catching Up ~ Days 6, 7, & 8

Whew! Since I've been immobile with an excruciating RA flare the past two weeks, I've gotten terribly behind with household chores and desk work. Playing catch up in those two areas alone has taken up most of my "good hours" during each day. That hasn't included much blogging or face booking time for me these past few days; but it does mean I'm doing much better and getting back to living my life!!! I'm afraid many don't realize that with this chronic illness (an auto-immune disease), I have a small window of time each day to be productive. I do appreciate all of my wonderful praying friends! I am reaping the benefits of each prayer you offered up on my behalf! I'm not totally out of pain and I still have substantial swelling in most joints, but I am functioning and getting a few hours of deep, healing, rejuvenating sleep each night.

I'm delighted to tell you that I'm also on day five of the Cabbage Soup Seven Day Diet and I'm feeling positive results! As of day three, I had lost two pounds! hip hip hooray!! I can't wait to weigh again on Sunday! See the diced fresh veggies in the picture below? That is the beginning of the base for my cabbage soup. I love seeing the pretty colors come together in the pot! After sauteing, seasoning, adding the cabbage and tomatoes further on in the process, I must say, it came out delicious!

Let's eat!

Well now that the "housekeeping" issues are out of the way here, (my explaining why I'm behind on the Photo A Day meme) I shall commence on "Catching Up" with some photos!

Day 6 ~ Work!

This is my son Josh painting his grandmother's kitchen.

Day 7 ~ Rest!

I can't find  a picture of me doing anything restful, but I did come across this sweet photo of my son Josh relaxing with baby Abbie, his cousin's little one.

 Day 8 ~ I AM...Me!

Top row: I am a wife, a mother of two handsome fellows, the sister of a red head!
(That's her surprising me on my fiftieth birthday! She had to fly all the way from Paraguay to pull it off!)

Middle row: I am the zany friend, a follower of Christ and I love His Word, a singer!
(I'm in the green, singing with friends around my organ!)

Bottom row: I am the Mother of a beautiful fur-child, a teacher of children, a foodie!
(I'm eating a steak & cheese sub at Portillo's of Chicago!)

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OurSearsKitHome said...

Hi, Pam,
Thank you for your visit!
We talked about the Cabbage Soup diet a year or so ago, my hubby loves cabbage, but I don't think I do......so that's as far as it got.
Will be interested in knowing how it goes!
Have a blessed day.