Tuesday, March 13, 2012

*WHINE* and *CHEESE* & other COOL stuff!

Let me start this post by declaring how thrilled I am that last week is behind me!!! WHY you ask?? Well let me share!

My mom had eye surgery on both eyes, and due to an opening coming from a cancellation-they scheduled her in early one morning and I didn't learn of mom's surgery until after the fact! Yeah, that was quite emotional!  It seems her substantial weight loss caused the skin to sag and pull so hard under her eyes that she had continual dry, scratchy, red eyes and real pain from the heaviness of the, um, shall we say excess skin? After some snipping and Lord knows what else (lyposuction I'm sure). she is now healing and hopefully soon will feel much more comfortable. But I gotta say...seeing her so bruised and swollen was awful; just awful I tell ya'!! Thankfully, she is healing and the steroid drops are helping tremendously. We saw a huge difference in her just from Friday to Sunday. I imagine in another week, she'll be looking good. Thanks for all who have prayed for her during this episode.

Another yucky part of last week was learning that my cousin Ron was diagnosed with lung cancer. HOWEVER---it was refreshing to learn that his visit with the doctor today brought encouraging news! The doc says Ron's cancer is operable!!! Isn't it wonderful to know God cares so much for his little children! We love you Ronnie!

Yesterday afternoon, a dear friend of ours lost his mother. This dear man is one of the deacons in our church and has endured watching his mama's health go downhill for years now. She lived a long 91 years on this earth and is now in heaven with her sweet Lord. 

Also, I had issues with a RA flare up therefore being hindered from accomplishing ANYTHING!! I might have done a few dishes and washed a few loads of laundry, but that had to be done late evening after my fingers became unlocked and the pain subsided in my wrists and shoulders. I missed out on going to our annual Strawberry Festival with some girlfriends. waa waa waa! Sorry! yes I would like some *cheese* with my *whine*! OKAY- I will stop my whining now.

In other news!!! Shane's new headboard arrived only two days after placing our order online! He and Agustin got that attached to his bed on Saturday. Then the two went off and bought Shane a cool fan! (Yeah you saw what I just did there, didnt' you? a COOL FAN!) But it really IS cool looking, more contemporary than what we had in the other house. That COOL fan got installed by the guys today!! Shane's room is almost complete. *Happy Dance Time*

My eldest son, Josh, works at Bern's Steak House in Tampa. They age their own steaks and have not just a dessert menu to die for but a dessert ROOM!! Yes, and you must make reservations for that too!(Check it out by clicking on the link above.) They age their own meat and have a cheese cave as well. In the few months that my son has worked there, he has already met  some sports commentators from ESPN, Jimmy Buffet, the entire New York Rangers Hockey Team, and most recently, Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner himself! Of course, along with the Speaker's visit came loads of secret service agents in the restaurant, accompanying even those who had to take out trash to the dumpsters; and there were snipers on nearby buildings. Cool stuff huh?!? Almost as cool as Shane's new fan! (ha ha I just crack myself up!)


.comheartmom7@gmail said...

You crack me up!! I miss you my friend!!

Janis said...

I love your blog! So fun to find another sister in Christ! I have RA also...so it's ok to whine to me!! I'm your newest follower!!

AllyJo said...

Um, how did I miss Josh worked at Berns. No way. BRING US HOME SOME FOOD!!! I'll take dessert. We want to take Allyson there.

Kristin said...

Sounds like you have been busy also. We are all praying for you and Aunt Loretta. Tell everyone I said HELLO. If Aaron and I ever make it down there we must check out this dessert room. We were aiming for spring, but he just got this new job so he doesn't have vacation yet, so we are hoping by summer/fall we will be Tampa bound. Love ya!

Jungle Mom said...

That is cool he gets to meet so many interesting people!

Deborah said...

You had quite the week! Hope your mom recovers quickly!