Saturday, March 14, 2009

TERRIBLE, JUST TERRIBLE a great description of my blogging lately. I have been doing much reading though, so it's not all bad! *smiles*

Josh flew home from West Virginia Thursday evening but flew out again this morning for New York. He returns to Tampa next Saturday, then he'll be driving up to West Virginia the next week. He is working there and would like having his own car with him next time around.

Aunt Donna was released from the hospital last Sunday. Word is she still isn't her chipper self. Please keep her in your prayers.

To close, I thought I'd share a picture taken of my lovely son the week before he left for West Virginia. He and my brother used our garage for a workshop to refinish some restaurant doors. The second morning they came over to work, my lovely son walks into my kitchen and proclaims, "Look mom, I brought over two stri*ppers!" Of course, I jerked around from the sink to see just what in the world the kid was talking about. I was so relieved to see the cans of wood stri*pper in his hands. Whew!

( I had him "re-enact" the entrance for this photo!)


Aspiemom said...

He's a funny guy! lol

Joy said...

That boy knows how to get his Momma's attention. Very funny.


Mrs. C said...

He brought home two str*ppers, you betcha! Just look at the size of their CANS!

LOL what a goof. I'd have fallen out of my seat.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

OOH I love the Strippers, ask Josh if they got any sisters. LOL

Glad he got to make it home for a bit.

My prayers are with your Aunt Donna.

Candy-Faith said...

hahaa funny kid teasin his mom! :)

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing about the str*ippers!!! Too funny. Too bad someone wasn't taking a picture of the shocked look on Your face!!!!

justabeachkat said...

We're still in California and having fun. My computer time is limited but I had a few minutes this morning and wanted to see what you've been up to. I've had fun reading all your posts I've missed.

I can just see you whipping around when he said that!!! Too funny. Cute photo.


Webutante said...

Glad to know you're well, my dear. Keep reading and show up when you can. Love you.

Jungle Mom said...

I tell my kids that their father and I paid our way through Bible college by stripping all night long.
We worked maintenance and stripped floors of major department stores. they would lock us in and we worked all night, stripping old wax and applying new.