Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I read the following article today from the Associated Press. This isn't the first time I've heard of this professor's predictions! Leave me a comment if you feel so inclined and let me know how you feel about this guy's opinion.

Scholar: U.S. to Collapse Next Year, Alaska Reverts to Russia
Wednesday, March 4, 2009 3:18 AM
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If you're inclined to believe Igor Panarin, and the Kremlin wouldn't mind if you did, then President Barack Obama will order martial law this year, the U.S. will split into six rump-states before 2011, and Russia and China will become the backbones of a new world order.

Panarin might be easy to ignore but for the fact that he is a dean at the Foreign Ministry's school for future diplomats and a regular on Russia's state-guided TV channels. And his predictions fit into the anti-American story line of the Kremlin leadership.

T0 read more about Panarin's dire predictions, click here.

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~~Deby said...

I truly don't believe ANYONE knows for sure but GOD...and right now I take MUCH comfort in that really this mess is sickening and I am sure very grievious to our Lord....

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I posted on this very thing about a month or two ago. I don't know how accurate he is, but at the rate this nation is going and the fact that the majority of people do not have the guts to stand up and revolt, I don't believe that America has much longer. Either we will totally collapse or Obama and his cronies will succeed in pushing us into a One World Socialist Marxist Government.


I know this Pam, there is nothing that will happen now or in the future that God does not allow so with that I do not worry or fret. It is in His control. connie

Susan said...

God is certainly in control. Always has been, always will be....but we are still to be alert and to warn people. Glad you are doing your part.

lady jane said...

The USA will need to cease being a super-power if biblical events are to carry on. That said, this man's prediction is a mite freaky. I don't like it. Don't like it one bit.

Lord, have mercy on us, a wayward nation.

lady jane said...

Hey Pam - found the following tidbit and link that shows more about this guy. The comments and graphics are worth reading. Remember to sift the content for bones.


Igor Panarin, former KGB analyst is dean of the Russian foreign ministry's academy for future diplomats, and is well connected across the Kremlin, besides being a lecturer to students, author, and an "expert" on US-Russian relations.