Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Special Greeting For Rita (my sis)


Betty said...

Isn´t she sweet, Aunt Donna! Hope Rita doesn´t get too home sick, after seeing this!

Anonymous said...

How sweet for Rita Jo :)

Y'all have quite the southern it!

Jungle Mom said...

Oh Pam, That made me whole week end!!!! Tell them both I loved seeing them. I also enjoy being called by my 'real' name which only family ever does! You know, "Rita Jo"! When I hear that, I know it's home folk talking to me!
How fun! Thanks!

justabeachkat said...



The Young Artist said...

That was really cute and special. You know, I have a favorite chair too. I have a favorite everything. When it comes to stalls at school or a store, I have my favorite one too. Have a good weekend Pam.

A Note From Theresa said...

Hello Theresa here from A Note From Theresa. Just dropping by to say I'm back on the web and two pictures of our new house is posted.

Have a blessed day!