Monday, October 20, 2008


1)Our Tampa Bay Devil Rays made it to the World Series!! The excitement from the die hard fans is contagious! I mean--we beat the great Boston Red Sox for goodness sakes! Sorry Brian and Vernoys!

2)Why are so many Americans ready to vote OUR FREEDOMS away for a slippery promise of more money in their pockets?

3)Said out of the blue by my ten year old son: "I like Caterpillars. Now that's an insect I can respect!"

4)My husband is ecstatic that he has seemingly swayed some college aged acquaintances away from Obama toward McCain.

5)I'm curious as to why the media ratcheted up the supposed "mean spirited" statements made at some McCain /Palin rallies, but I haven't heard a peep out of them concerning the disgusting language and hateful tirades being put out by Jo*hn St*ewart (The Daily Show) and Mad*onna about Sarah Palin.

6)The weather here is BEAUTIFUL!! I'm headed out to the patio now to bask in the warm sun, hoping it will comfort my joints. I also have a great book to read!

7)My mother and I will be making the two hour drive to Scott's memorial service Tuesday evening.

8)We watched the old Sci-Fi movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Our favorite line from the movie, which made us bust out laughing, was, "People my foot! They're Democrats!"

9)While watching a news story last week, (I'm sure it was something about this election) Shane responded with, "I guess God loves stupid people. That must be why He made so many!"

10) I've been relishing memories of a Sunday afternoon at the mall with my two boys. Photos below.

BROTHERS TOGETHER! This doesn't happen very often now that first born doesn't live at home.




groovyoldlady said...

Tell your son that I, too, respect caterpillars.

I hear very little about the election except the parodies thereof by Saturday Night Live. I figure my mind is already made up and I'm praying for God's will to be accomplished - why torture myself by agonizing over who says what?

Jungle Mom said...

I love the photos. I am wondering if you could send me an update on Marie?

Pat said...

You have made me chuck;e!!

And, those boys!! I know you were lovin every minute!!

And, Josh is the other reason not to disconnect the home tele!!He needs to get you whenever he needs a Mom ear to LISTEN!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Neat random blurbs and pictures. Love the pictures!!!

Mrs. C said...

I had to smile at Shane's comment; he is so witty! :)

We were cheering for the Sox here at our house. In fact, my hubby went to Game 6. I do believe that the Rays are the best team in the league this year. I hope they win it all.

Enjoy our lovely weather! :)

MightyMom said...

what good looking boys! how old is your oldest??

Kelly said...

I love this post. It is an inspirationa and encouragement to me as there are times that I'm not sure what to post, and I could do some random thoughts on days like that. Thanks. As for the Rays, I was glad to see them beat the Red Sox. My sister-in-laws are bid Sox fans and I thought it would be nice for someone else to win this year. However, we are Phillies fans!

Webutante said...

Don't you love having those boys. They're precious. Pics wonderful, Pam.