Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dear Lexi,


I can't believe you are one year old today! I'm so happy you were born into a loving, Christian family! You are one blessed little baby girl! It seems like it was just yesterday I drove about an hour to see you on your very first day in this world. Your mommy's bedroom was abuzz with excitement! Gigi and I almost fought about who would get to hold you first.
It tickles me to know that the first time you went to church, Gigi brought you into my Junior Church class and introduced you to the children!
I love you so much Lexi. If I were there in Paraguay with you right now, I'd hug you, and squeeze you, and smack a big, noisy kiss on your chubby cheeks! Oh and I'm sure I'd be squealing too. Stay healthy baby girl. I pray I can see you one day soon.

Love Forever,

Tia Pam

Tia Pam holding newborn baby Lexi.

GiGi holds baby Lexi while visiting the Junior Church class.
P.S. - I can' t wait to see the pictures of your birthday celebration. Your mommy is such a talented photographer, I'm sure they'll be very good.


Z said...

Jungle Mom's granddaughter, right? Isn't she adorable? And yes, so lucky to be born to a wonderful family like yours!
God bless her for many years to come.
And you, too, Pam! xxxz

Kristi said...

Oh Pam, could that first picture be ANY cuter???? How sweet. It made me grin from ear to ear.

Happy Birthday, Lexi!