Sunday, December 05, 2010

THIRTEEN YEARS...How can it be?

Today, Sunday, is my youngest son's 13th birthday. Don't ask me where the years have gone because I have no idea! What I do know though, is that God sent this child to us just when we needed it most! Our first and only child, Joshua, was ten years old when we found out we were going to have an addition to our little family. I was thirty-six! We had arrived at the point where it was so easy to just pick up and go anywhere. We hadn't used car seats, diaper bags, diapers, formula, wipees, binkies for several years now. Anytime we wanted to jaunt off to a restaurant, store, or to visit friends, our only prep was to notify Josh to jump into the car and buckle up. Boy, did things change after the birth of our Shane! It seemed to take forever to go anywhere! Well, at least the preparation to go seemed to take forever! You know exactly what I'm talking about. "Where's the diaper bag?" " Did you make a fresh bottle?" " Does he have his binkie?" "Should I feed him first?" etc. Of course, I'm not complaining! He has been such a blessing not only to us but to many others. Always a lovable, affectionate type and a great cuddler; even as a baby, he had an infectious laugh which he still has today.
Let me tell you a few things I love about this kid! At thirteen, he is still affectionate and loving; very considerate. He enjoys surprising his dad and I with fully prepared breakfasts. Without being told, he bathes our dog weekly. He cleans up all the dog-poop in the yard twice a week. He is consistent with his trash duties. He is a very good student. Shane has great comprehension. He's a gentle giant! He ministers by serving in our Children's Church. I could go on and on, but instead, I'll post some photos!

Shane shows off his Captain's award from Patch the Pirate Club- 2nd year in a row.

Josh and Agustin visit newborn Shane in nursery while I was recuperating from the C-section.
Agustin and I during Shane's dedication service.

a Proud Grandpa during the dedication service.

For my baby shower, my dad painted the little baskets by hand. We filled them with homemade chocolates as favor.

My first time to lay eyes on my little blessing. He was blowing bubbles!!

Dr. Bruce Shephard visits us in the hospital the day after he performed the C-section.

Me at 9 months,
Our first ultra-sound of baby Shane!

Thanks for indulging me!
Here's a video clip of Shane's birthday last year. We were so happy to have my nieces and nephew (Josh & Naomy, Jewel, and Jackie and her girlies) with us. Notice Jackie's baby bump. This was before the arrival of little Lexi. I love how much fun the 3 siblings have singing together - breaking out in a multi-cultural celebration!!! Poor Shane was not into it! He had a friend stay over the night before and hadn't slept!!!


MightyMom said...

What a bunch of nuts!!

course those nuts didn't fall far from their tree huh?.....


Susan said...

Happy teens to your son. A VERY important birthday.

Anonymous said...

Love it, glad you are posting more, this is Rebecca J by the way.

Deborah said...

Happy Birthday Shane!

Z said...

Happy birthday, Shane! What fun pix, thanks, Pam.
Your boy sounds like SUCH a wonderful guy....what a blessed family you have!
Merry Christmas, Pam! xxx

~Karen~ said...

Pam, thanks for visiting my blog!

Happy Birthday to Shane!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Thanks for stopping by Life of a Southern Belle...nice to meet you!