Sunday, December 26, 2010

BUSY December!

I always find it hard to keep up with posting during November and December. I always fall behind. WE have so many functions and birthdays during these last two months of the year.
We had a wonderful but different Christmas this year. With my husband in Mexico and my baby brother in West Virginia, things felt a little "off" or "strange" this year. Nonetheless, we had a warm, cozy time of breaking bread with loved ones here and opening lovingly wrapped packages. Then of course there was plenty of laughter! You can't have my son Josh, his cousin Josh, and my youngest son Shane in a room together without loads of antics and laughter. That was all on Christmas Eve.

Christmas day was spent with my parents in their home. Nora, a friend from church joined us for another delicious meal which started off with my father reading an account of the birth of Christ from the gospel of Matthew. Then we watched family videos starting back in November from my birthday, Thanksgiving, Shane's birthday, mine and Agustin's anniversary. November and December sure are busy months at our house. It seems we have so many things to celebrate! But culminating our year by celebrating the birth of our Saviour is top of the list!
Here are some photos from Shane's 13th birthday on Dec. 5th. I'll post Christmas photos soon.

Happy Thirteenth Shane!

Opening Birthday Gifts!

Oh what after dinner fun! Watching videos on You Tube which gross you out. I recall this one showing a woman popping/draining a boil on her husband's back! Now who would think to video and upload something like that? Now WHO would think it's fun watching something like that? You're looking at the three of them!

Grandma & Shane eyeing her homemade chicken and dumplings he requested fir his
birthday meal.

Shane also requested corn on the cob!

Grandma made the cake Shane requested for his birthday. Weight Watcher's orange diet soda cake topped with mandarin oranges!

In Children's Church

The embarrassing "Mom kisses son in front of people" kiss.

"Now look here woman!"

We do share lots of laughter when together. I love this kid.

In church

What Delilah does for several minutes each time Shane or Agustin leave home. So cute.

Agustin's gift to Shane-a trip to the shooting range!

There's nothing quite like a boy and his dog! Shane telling Delilah goodbye before heading off to shoot stuff.


A Little R&R said...

Great pics. I can tell that you laugh alot - a lot of the pictures you post show you laughing with all your heart. I love that!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas...and that your new year will be wonderful!

Kathy said...

The pictures look great, Pam. Your son is a handsome young man, and I can tell he brings you a lot of joy. Blessings to you, and Happy New year!

Aliene said...

Sounds like you had fun celebrating our Savior's birth and your son's birthday. Enjoyed your parents.

I can hear your bubbly laugh. I hope you have good days ahead in the New year. Blessings on your family!

Rebecca said...

Wow! Shane is really growing up!

Barbara said...

Great post my new friend, I came over from Aliene blog, thought I would introduce myself, and invite you over to my blog too, I have various things all the time, hope you enjoy yourself, I have indeed enjoyed visiting with you, hugs Barbara from Barbara's bakin n bits