Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet "Delilah"

...the newest member of our family! Just look at that face!

I contemplated naming her "Angel" because she came to us like an Angel and has such a pleasant disposition. Shane has been bugging me for months to get a dog. We haven't had a pet since moving into this house FIVE years ago! We've been reading and researching about Corgis and Dachshunds, his first choice of a dog being a Corgi. Well, out of the blue, last Saturday while visiting my parents, we noticed a puppy roaming the streets. By afternoon, she had nearly been hit by several vehicles. My husband brought her into my mom's fenced yard and gave her water. As soon as I walked out onto the deck and got a good gander at her beautiful face and EYES, I was hooked! The following sentence came flying out of my mouth before I knew it: "If we can't find her proper owners, she is going home with us!"

We took her around to several neighbors. Not a one had ever seen her. She had a collar on but no tags when we rescued her from the street. We all noticed she was very clean. We sat on the deck, grilled out, let her play and nap all evening there in the yard. Not a single car slowed to seemingly look for a missing puppy.

Sooo... at the end of the night, when we loaded the truck to head home, guess who was in the haul? Yep, Miss Delilah!

We had spent the evening trying to think of the perfect name for her, you know, in case we did bring her home. We discussed Buffy (for her color), and a few other names. When Josh arrived (our 23 year old), he looked at her as she greeted him on the sidewalk. He gave her one or two pats, commented on her gorgeous eyes and her sweet face then blurted out: "You should call her "Delilah". The second I heard it, I knew that was it. She would now be "Delilah". Later in the day, he suggested "Cleopatra" because she appears to have black eyeliner around the green eyes, but no, "Delilah" had stuck! Later, I mentioned possibly calling her "Angel" but that didn't seem to stick either.

We've had a fun week with her, learning more about her little personality and she learning ours! She seems to have had some training. She sits automatically when you approach her with the leash or if you give her a treat. She lets us know when she needs to potty by pacing back and forth from the front door to the back sliders. She is very loving and affectionate as you'll see in the following photos. Shane has really shouldered his load of responsibilities with her. He bathed her last Monday and again today. She smells so good tonight! Thanks Shane!

She isn't a Corgi, but Shane is delighted with her-and she was FREE!! We will get her into the vet now and hopefully get a better estimate on her age. I'm guessing she is around four months. She is at that gangly stage, and still has those tiny, sharp puppy teeth. I'll always wonder what her history is. Is there a family missing her? Was she sat out in the neighborhood on purpose? What was her name before we dubbed her "Delilah"?

Shane says he still has a hankering for a Corgi, but he loves Delilah!

That dog is a CrAzY sleeper! Just look at some of her positions!
Of course, by the end of her first night with us, I had allowed her to break my one staunch rule-allowing her on the couch!

But she wanted to be right up against me each time I sat down and being the softy that I am, well...I now have to keep a sheet on my couch!

There is definitely nothing quite like a boy and his dog!


Nina in Portugal said...

She is beautiful, and Shane looks thrilled! (You sound pretty excited yourself!)

I hope Delilah is a beautiful addition to your family!

Kathy said...

She is so cute! Enjoy her! : )

Joy said...

Oh how sweet she looks. You are so fortunate to find one that has been trained and house broke. That is why I went for an older dog too. I didn't want to do puppy potty training. Glad you got yourself a girl. I'm thrilled for you all.
Those sleeping positions are hysterical.


Aspiemom said...

I love her! I can see that she's going to be a wonderful friend to you all. Delilah has such a sweet face!

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute she is. I know having dog hair in the house is probably making you crazy but she looks worth it.

Mrs. C said...

What a neat story! Looks like Delilah is a perfect match for your family. :)

Kelly said...

She is so cute! If we kept every stray we found over the past couple of years, we would have four dogs! I usually haul them to our borough hall and let them try to find their owners or take them to the local humane society. I love dogs, but we already have a black Labrador Retriever and we live in a townhouse -- not enough room for more.

But it really is great to watch the boys with their dog, although I am just as attached, if not more.