Friday, August 06, 2010

Another Little Girl All Grown Up

Just sitting here thinking about how so many of our friends are marrying off their daughters this summer!! Little girls with boo-boos became gorgeous brides and it seems this happened over night!. Two in particular tug at my heart strings.
In June, Mike and Kim proudly turned their beautiful daughter Amber over to Nathan. This past Friday, Justin and Summer saw their lovely daughter become Mrs. Aaron Hargis. It was a classic, elegant affair which was officiated by the bride's grandfather, Pastor Bruce Turner of Tampa, Florida. Aaron and Katelin sang to each other and the harmony in their voices was amazing! Directly after their honeymoon, they will be moving to Indiana where Aaron will begin his new job as youth pastor of a church there. We're so happy to see this energetic, young couple following God's will for their lives. Felicidades Aaron and Katelin! We love you!

My son Josh with Kate at her 19th birthday party just a few short months ago. They've been buddies since they were babies. I've enjoyed watching their brotherly/sisterly relationship over the years.

Katelin arrives in her limousine.

Life-long friend Cali was one of Katelin's bride's maids.

Justin walks his daughter down the aisle.
This is when I began to cry!

THE KISS!! Well one of the kisses. I think he kissed her three different times. It was so cute and of course we all laughed!

Katelin feeds Aaron his bite of cake.
The couple used a winter's theme as that was the season they fell in love. The dessert bar looked so cool and refreshing, with crystal candy bowls and vases full of rock candy on sticks in colors of white and cool blue. Grab bags were available for each of the guests to fill with Hershey's kisses, truffles, mini sparkling marshmallows, and many other miscellaneous sweets; all in white or cool blue. To help transform the gym into a winter wonderland, my son Josh cut down six large dead trees on Justin's property, brought them to the gym. They were placed behind the head table. The candlelight sparkling off the crystal dishes and mirrors on the tables, the icy color scheme, all helped set the ambiance Kate was going for.


Susan said...

I love beautiful weddings!!!

Mrs. C said...

Congrats!! Beautiful wedding! :)

Betty said...

Nice to see you posting again Pam. We have many weddings to go to this coming summer as well. It´s seems more and more of our friends kids are getting married. I guess that´s the "season" we live in.

MightyMom said...

Cool theme idea!

Kelly said...

How Lovely! We have a wedding in two weeks -- my husband's sister is getting married!