Thursday, December 10, 2009

Overdose of Cuteness!

My niece Jackie and her two little princesses arrived in Florida on December 2nd. They spent their first week at my parents house and have spent this week at her brother's home. We have so enjoyed spending time with these two precious little ones. What pleasant, obedient, happy children they are! Thank you Brian and Jackie for doing such a good job as parents!
Gi-Gi with Abbie

Shane spent lots of time PULLING Elena!

Elena & Gi-Gi have a tea party!

Yummy tea cookies!


The girl's discover surprises from Gi-Gi!

and surprise from Tia Pam!

Abbie and Me!

I have to set up this video for you! Jackie had just told me how tickled Elena got in the airport when Abbie was looking for her crayons. She actually peeked down the back of Elena's jeans for her crayons! So Elena retells it for us here!


Jungle Mom said...

sniff, sniff!

~~Deby said...

oh these girlies are just way tooo and Gi-gi tooooo....

Shane Rios said...

It was fun having them wasnt it?

Liz said...

Pam dear, love your new decor!

Now, about the girls: they have grown so much during the past months!!! still very cute thou :)


Anonymous said...

Could they be any cuter?!!!

I was just loving the corn photo and then I read your caption. You are a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Pam the pic of you and Abbey is really good, you look glamorous in it, new make up maybe?

Pam said...

Anonymous!! Who in tarnation are you?? I'm gonna guess, Ellie or Ron??? :) Thanks for the glamour comment, it made me LOL!! (laugh out loud) I included the translation in case it's you Ron!! hehe

I did have on a bluish lilac eyeshadow but I think what made me look different to you is my hair, It was in an updo. It's long enough now so that on bad hairdays, I can just clip it all up and wha-la, someone thinks I look glam!!

Jungle Mom said...

I keep watching the video over and over...

Joy said...

Tia Pam those little girls are so sweet and just the cutest. I know you enjoyed every minute of it.


MightyMom said...

oh poor Jungle Mom!! gonna be a hard Christmas for her methinks.

since cuteness is non-toxic you CAN'T OD on go ahead and indulge!

I had to laugh that you included "obedient" in your list of praises.... but then I have boys ya know.