Monday, December 29, 2008

Especially for Jungle Mom and Jackie

Caution: You're about to enter

PAM's PHOTO ZONE!First off, we allowed no terrorists and we took no prisoners at our Christmas Eve party!

(Of course this is my son and nephew playing with Shane's new Nerf Vulcan machine gun! My nephew had come running into the room making a shrill hollering sound, *Imagine a native war cry* Then my son popped in with the big gun!)

It was quite entertaining!

Shane gives thanks to Georgiann for the DQ gift card!

Thanks Bro. for my new Nerf gun!

It's the little things in life - right? Can you believe I wrapped up a bottle of dish washing liquid detergent for my mom and placed it under the tree? She had recently told me about using this Palmolive Lavender detergent at a friend's house and LOVED IT. When I happened to run across it the other day and saw it was BUY ONE _ GET ONE FREE, I bought one for each of us. I thought I'd wrap it for fun! It was kind of cute when she passed it around and all of us in the room took turns smelling it. You would have thought I had bought her an expensive bottle of perfume, she was so pleased!!! I did get her a few other things mind you, but the detergent was probably the strangest gift under our tree this year!

Naomy shows off the celestial votive holder I gave her.

Georgiann seemed to like her gifts of bath gloves and "whipped cocoa" body wash!

Shane playing Santa. Here he is digging for a gift way at the back of the tree.

Agustin and I gave the kids a popcorn bucket full of treats for one of their

cozy nights in with a movie.

I have no idea why I'm posting this awful picture!!! LOL

Julia helping Josh show off his gift. It looks like a gift card to me.

Shane LOVED this shirt. He wore it to church last night.

Josh seems to be happy with his iron gym. Judging by Julia's laughter, she likes it too???

(Enlarge to see her scrunched up eyes and nose!)

Agustin strikes a pretty pose with MY Godiva chocolates!! It seems we all made sure to make a few silly poses during the evening.

Dad's new shirt.

Gift card to Applebee's from the grandparents.

LENOX crystal glasses for the newlyweds, from Grandma.

Julia and I having our own partayyy!


Penless Thoughts said...

Looks like a great, family, fun time......what Christmas time with family should be.

Mrs. C said...

You know what? The dish soap, you can laugh about it, but you know it'll be used and she'll think of you every time with a smile while she does dishes. :]

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Love the pics. Nothing like one big happy family at holiday time.

MightyMom said...

oh how fun!!

Nina in Portugal said...

I'm so glad you posted those pictures for Jungle Mom and Jackie.....Cause I enjoyed them almost as much as they'll enjoy them!! Looks like you all had a fantastic time!!

Happy New Year!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Yup, you guys are as crazy as the Behrens family. Looks like a great time. I'm going to check out the dish soap :)

Merry Christmas to Jungle Mom as well and a blessed new year!

Kimberly said...

Looks like you all had loads of fun. Love the pic of Agustin!

Pat said...

What fun---food laughter, and showering with gifts!!

Family.....good times!!

Jungle Mom said...

Very home sick right now. Great to see everyone!

Lori said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Loved seeing all the pictures.

Kelly said...

Great photos -- great poses! Looks like so much fun!