Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I was tagged by KELLY OF COZY COMFORTS to post something out of the ordinary. It's 7 weird facts about me and books. I love a challenge and this really got me to thinking. It was a lot of fun since I've loved books for as long as I can remember. So, I don't know how "weird" they all are, but here they are:

1. I like to read self-help books and had been unaware that I was caught in a cycle of reading only those types. In my teen years, I loved reading Grace Livingston Hill and Emily Loring books , and many novels in my early adult years. Then several years went by in which all I read were books on child rearing, classroom management, discipline, finances, family, homeschooling, how to be a better wife, organization. In the past couple of years, I finally realized I needed to get out of that rut and start reading just for fun again. Recently, I've read some historical books about native Americans, and a couple of novels. It was fun!!

2. I read aloud to my 10 year old son every night at bedtime. We are now in the last book of "The Sugar Creek Gang" series. It's a great bonding time after a busy day. I regret I didn't do more of this with my first born.

3. One of my favorite book memories is from when I was in third third grade in South Carolina. My teacher read a chapter from "The Boxcar Children" after lunch each day. I fell in love with the characters! I hated it when the book ended. About a month later, I asked my mom to drive me to the library in downtown Greenville. I remember thinking that place was HUGE. There was a gigantic sphere of the globe in the downstairs lobby which fascinated me. We checked out "The Boxcar Children" and I read it aloud to my sister. (Jungle Mom)

4. I'm a firm believer in having books occupy some space in each room of my house. I think the only room without books is my son's bathroom. I keep devotionals in my bathroom. Antique textbooks are on a display shelf in my dining room. My Bible collection rests on a side table in my formal living room. I have a bookshelf in my bedroom which contain books that I am mostly interested in. Our office/home study has a bookshelf which holds our current homeschooling books and supplies. In our den, you'll find a copy of the U.S. Constitution in booklet form on a side table. Of course, the kitchen has my cookbooks in it. My son's bedroom has a well stocked bookshelf. Even our garage holds wonderful text books and curriculum for the future.

One of my antique books!

Anitque books in my living room.

6. In high school, I started writing a couple of novels, but wound up thinking they were childish or poorly written. I'd love to finish a fictional novel some day.

7. I have MANY books in my home which I haven't read yet. However, I continue perusing the library. I now have a goal to read the books I own first before checking out anymore library books. We'll see how that works out!

Now I would like to tag RITA and KAT.


A Note From Theresa said...

I just got cought up on your blog. Looks like you all had a good Thanksgiving. That turkey looked really good!

Thursday's Child said...

What are you doing up so late, young lady?

Penless Thoughts said...

My books are truly some of my best friends!!!

Enjoyed your book meme.

Betty said...

Very interesting. I would love to read your novel!
I have lots of books too, that I haven´t read yet. But maybe when I retire... :)

Soul Skittles said...

Whoa!! :D Antique books are so awesome.

Mrs. Rabe said...

I LOVE books! We have them everywhere!

MightyMom said...

oh we love books! And I've read almost every book in this house at least once! many of them several times. we are true bibliophiles!

Jungle Mom said...

I'll try and do this tomorrow.

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you did this. It's amazing how much you and I have in common.

Maybe we should both try writing something again and let each other read them before deciding they're not good enough. Someone told me, today, that artists usually don't think their own art is good enough.

BekiWard said... that one of Grandpa Riffe's pipes?