Saturday, December 06, 2008

Wish Lists

The Lord has laid it upon my heart to share the following information with you. There may be a few of you who will see the list and be moved to donate or supply a child with a gift card. I know the economy has caused many of us to tighten our belts, but many of us remain willing to sacrifice a little so that we may be a blessing to others.

I've been involved with Hope Children's Home ever since I first arrived to the Tampa Bay Area. My eldest son has friends who are products of this wonderful place. They are now in college and/ or serving God. HOPE truly is a Christ centered ministry which touches lives daily. It has been such a privilege for me to watch God work and supply for this home.

I invite you to browse through the lists on the link furnished here. Thank You!



retha said...

Looks a fairy tale tree!

I do not know how to do stuff myself. I am wondering, will it work if you do what you want in another program, save it in picture format, then upload the pic and writing?

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Hi Pam,
I bookmarked your blog a while back and am coming back to visit. I grew up in the Tampa Bay area and my family still lives there. My parent's church has supported Hope Children's Home for year. I'm happy to see you have a heart for it too.
I went to their website. I haven't thought about them in years. It was nice to see it still there and helping so many children.
Merry Christmas,


Rebecca said...

I'm glad you posted that. I needed something real and wonderful to donate to this year. I'm sending the link to many others.

Rebecca said...

Can one adopt from this children's home?