Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shane Posted!

Hi All! Happy Friday. Shane is a little dismayed that he has only one comment on his recent post! I told him that because he rarely posts, folks don't check his blog as often. So here is a head's up everyone! Shane has posted and is soliciting comments! Thanks for your cooperation-as usual! Simply CLICK HERE!


Things have been "different" or "a little off" around here lately. I can't really put my finger on why, but I seem to be in a slump. Since the humidity and rainy season has hit us full powered here in Florida, I seem to be having some flare up with old Arthur! (Arthritis) I am experiencing fatigue which is making me angry!

I've been feeling so good these past few months and can't imagine going back through a flare as bad as the one last year. I've noticed I'm letting a lot more go undone around my house, which bothers me. I know it isn't the end of the world if my home isn't spotless, but I spend so many hours here yet seem to get nothing accomplished. I do a little and rest, I do a little more, and rest again. I find quoting some of my favorite scriptures and reading some favorite Bible passages help keep my attitude adjusted.

And what could the Lord send to cheer me but my sweet boy, Shaney Pooh! He is such a source of encouragement and love. He was so grown up the other night as I realized right before retiring to bed that I had forgotten to get his favorite sheets out of the dryer. I had painfully gotten myself up from the couch and had said goodnight, when bang-I remembered I had washed his sheets that day. I groaned, "Oh no, I forgot to get your fresh sheets out and make your bed!" I then headed toward the laundry room. Shane grabbed hold of my arm and said, "Mom, that's ok. Just go to bed. I'll take care of it." And he did! I felt so loved by his sweet pat and helping attitude. Now mind you-he had other sheets, clean and folded in the linen closet, but he prefers his crispy white ones, which of course, were the ones I had taken from his bed that day and washed.

A great highlight of the week was finally getting to see Jackie, Brian, and the babies! Let me tell you - they are the most precious babies you could ever know! I hadn't seen Elena since she was 10 months old. She is now going on 3 years. We fell in love with her gigantic smile and her petite hands constantly combing her long curls out of her face. Shane has been going around the house imitating the gesture. Its so cute! (Patti, if you're reading this, Elena reminds me of Natalie at the age of 3 with her small body, but big smile and big hair!)

This was my first time to meet Abby. What a cutie pie and so good! She is so calm and full of fat baby rolls! She has "cankles"!! Do y'all know what those are?

Here's my sister Rita, with her grandbaby, Abby!

The entire McCobb Family!

(Dear Jackie, Could I please get an updated family photo of you guys?)


My nephew was married a couple of weeks ago. The happy couple has now returned home from their honeymoon, settling in to Married Life. From what I've been told, all is going well. To see photos of the intimate, outdoor ceremony, visit my sister's blog by CLICKING HERE! and HERE!


Professor Howdy said...

Sure cute kids...

justabeachkat said...

Hi Pam

I went to Shane's blog. What a cutie pie he is. I loved your story of him helping you with his sweet and thoughtful. I'm sorry you've been feeling bad. It must be the heat and humidity. I pray it's better very soon. Cute photos of those sweet babies.


Penless Thoughts said...

Don't let satan deceive you, Pam. He knows what you are doing and the place God is taking you and wants to discourage you.

Bless your sweet Shane :o)

retha said...

Thank you for the kind words you left for me!
Such a thoughtful child! He must have had an example somewhere, I think.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a sweet son you have!

Anonymous said...

Praying right now that the Lord will restore your strength and lift your spirit.

Bless Shane's heart! Those are the moments you wish you would remember forever. He's a good kid!

Your niece has a very beautiful family. You should be proud and I know Rita is!!!!

Happymama said...

That was so sweet of your Shane to get his sheets on.

Hope you get out of your slump soon. It's probably traveling fever...

Rebecca said...

I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly. What a pleasure Shane must be to you! I hope to raise Alaina to be so thoughtful. I'm glad you got to see all the babies. I'm on my way to Guatemala tomorrow so it will be a while before I can visit with you again. Take care and don't do too much. Your family understands.

Daughter of the King said...

oh Pam, praying that you are not having a flare. I am learning, slowly, when this happens, *don't fight it*. It seems to make it worse, think we use toooo much mental energy trying to fight it. It will pass, I will pray that you perk back up ...
Going to have a look at Shane's blog.