Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Buddies Through the Years!

WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE??? Saturday, a wondrous event happened on the shores of Lake Tahoe. My nephew, Joshua Vernoy, married his true love! My son, Joshua Rios, stood as BEST MAN for the ceremony. It was an intimate, small, outdoor wedding just as the bride wished. From all reports, it was perfect!

I felt compelled to share a photo journal of these two Joshua's growing up together. They are polar opposites, not only in looks, but in personalities as well. They have a bond many cousins are not blessed with. I hope you enjoy the photos!

This little black headed baby boy stood as BEST MAN for this little white headed boy's wedding! This photo chronicles the first time the boys met. The Vernoys had just flown up from Venezuela for a furlough. 1987

The boys play acting and running this wheelchair up and down the halls of their Grandpa's church! Taken about 3 yrs. ago! Playing Monopoly this past winter.

The boys are preaching their first sermons here. Grandpa allowed the boys to preach on the same evening. It was during their first year of Bible college. Each Josh was given a 15 minute time slot.

Oh, that's me getting some good lovin' after the service!

The 4 Vernoy children with the 2 Rios boys!
Caesar and Jonah costumes for our Vacation Bible School one summer. We all dressed as Bible Characters during the entire week.
The Joshes played on an indoor soccer team at the age of 5 or so.
All decked out to watch my cousin play for the West Virginia Mountaineers! We (the 2 families)rented a 15 passenger van and traveled to Miami together for this game against the Hurricanes.
A sleep over at Grandma's house! She had bought them each the bear pillows.

A trip to a farm to choose our new dog!
In an airport, yet again, seeing the Vernoys off to Venezuela. That's Uncle Johnny holding my Josh. He was a groomsman in the wedding on Saturday.
A 4th of July Sunday!
Leading the songs at Vacation Bible School.

They both loved all things military! Still do I believe!

Josh Rios, Uncle John, Josh Vernoy, Shane Rios behind.
At 8 years of age, my Josh took a trip down to Venezuela with Grandma. He loved getting to sleep in the hammocks each night!Here the two boys are preparing to collect the offering during a service at their Grandpa's church.

A good life for boys could be found in Venezuela! I'd like to see either of them do this now! Wouldn't that be a hoot?!?

Eating burgers during their lunch break. This was taken just a few months ago at work. You can probably tell they had demolished the old bath and were installing a new tub here.


For the Grand Finale, the Bride and Groom. May they experience many wonderful years of happiness! Don't you just love Naomy's vintage, 40's hairstyle?


Candy- A Pretty Home said...

The pictures were great!
The bride is so pretty. Yes, her hair is beautiful :) Love it.

How are ya doing Pam?
Hope all is well.

Love ya!

Missy said...

ok, I was looking at your pics and saw my clock (the monopoly one) and my bathtub (eating hamburgers). They were not eating lunch, it was their afternoon snack- I was out of milk and cookies!

Pat said...

What great memories!!

What great friends!!

Waht a beautiful bride---and yes, I love her hair!!

You need to call me!!
And, Missy needs to post (as does Grace)!!


What great years so full of such wonderful memories!

Beautiful bride, I love her hair.

connie from texas

Abouna said...

That is why we parents should never blink. Every time we do, years just fly by. God Bless. Great Pictures.

Happymama said...

Yes, her hair style is beautiful!

That last pic of the boys cracked me UP!


Classics and Country said...

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Missy said...

Ok! I am alive and posted! Nothing extraordinary, just stuff going on.

Rebecca said...

Great pics thanks for sharing!

Penless Thoughts said...

This was a great post, Pam!!!! So enjoyed the togetherness of the two boys. That is such a gift!! I've been praying for that wedding and the Christian witness, too!

Jodi said...

What a fun trip down your memory lane. :o) I know they're big ole boys now, but it's still sweet! Beautiful, beautiful bride!

Phika said...

It's your make-jayde-blog buddy! thriver/shortstuff I have many names
Love the pics

Anonymous said...

Just so sweet. How great that they have been close friends and not just cousins.