Monday, April 21, 2008

I LOVE Days Like This!

EDT 8:19 pm: Misspelled word has been corrected. Can you imagine my laughter when I read my post today and saw that I had given our "friendly neighborhood duck" a MONOCLE??? His "MONAKER" is "Mr. Quackers"!!!
I accomplished much! Now here is the proof!

I took apart the air vents/fans in both bathrooms to give them a good cleaning inside.

The vent back in place after a good scrubbing with

a toothbrush and bleach.

A freshly washed bathroom door.

My trusty "KIRBY" carpet spot remover. This took care of the problem in the next photo.

Proof for those who say my house is never dirty! See the orange spot on the formal living room carpet? I do declare, we did buy Cheetos last week!

A clean and shiny bathroom! The vent in here was also taken down and cleaned.

Shane's bedroom didn't get a good vacuuming due to an ensuing battle!

I couldn't live with out this monster! My hard-working Kirby Vacuum.

See spot? (on the wall)

See spot run?

This chased spot away!

Time was spent instructing Shane in Bible, Reading, Spelling, Cursive Writing, and Math! Maybe we'll sneak some History in before bed.
A healthy afternoon snack of pineapples and cottage cheese.

I weeded this section in the backyard.

You can see this section which remains to be weeded. I will attempt tomorrow and then will work around to the other side of the patio.

Shane and neighbor feeding our friendly neighborhood duck, whom we've given the fine monaker of "Mr.Quackers."

The hall bath, all clean and shiny!

Freshly laundered towels, folded and ready to be put away.

You may be wondering why my accomplishment of these few chores warrant a blog post and why all the photos of such menial tasks. Just know this, I AM AMAZED that I have the capability of performing any of these alone. You see, this time last year, I was just beginning a new regime of meds for my RA (rheumatoid arthritis), Diabetes, aand a couple of other issues I was dealing with. I had been immobile for many months and seldom left my home. My loving husband did most of the grocery shopping and heavy chores around the home. On his days off, he saw to it that our 10 year old participated in activities out and about. I, on the other hand, was happy if I had the capability of getting the bed made daily, my shower taken, and giving instruction to Shane. I only occasionally attended church services. It was much easier to get ready if my hubby was home to help me dress. Due to his work schedule, I wasn't able to attend as often as I should. As I sat in service this past Easter service, I reflected a moment on our Easter service last year. My then 20 year old son had driven up from Tampa to drive Shane and I to church. He first had to help dress me. So you can bet I remembered to rejoice and give thanks to the Lord during this year's Easter service. For you see, this year I was able to dress and drive myself! I've learned to not take small daily things for granted. God has used my chronic pain to teach me so many things and most importantly, He has proven over and over again that His tender mercies are abundantly given to me each and every day.

After one year of many changes, I can now:

*climb to reach things which need cleaning
*vacuum my entire house in one day
*walk an hour each day
*scrub my own bathtubs
*shop and cook on the same day
*kick the soccer ball with Shane and try to keep up with his neat tricks
*hold a baby for longer periods of time
*stand outside and talk with neighbors
*exercise on this!

I must now go do my 15 minutes on this thing. We lovingly refer to it as "THE BEAST"!!! (When we first bought it about a month ago, I could only manage to creak out 30 seconds or so on it. I've slowly worked my way up to 15 minutes at a time!) BABY STEPS!

Now on another topic: Here's the shot of my cowboy boots I mentioned in the previous post. One of the outfits I like to wear them with is a suede dress of the same color, which is enhanced with silver and turquoise bling! (Think Pocahontas) It drives my 21 year old son crazy! "Mom!" says he. "Those boots shouldn't be worn with that dress." I ask, "Why not?" He replies, "They cancel each other out. You can't be an Indian (Native American) and a cowboy at the same time." Oh well!


Daughter of the King said...

so happy for you and your improving health Pam, I pray for that myself....the days can be so long sometimes as well as some nights.

Jungle Mom said...

HEHEHE! love the boots...can you come clean my house?????? i have been having long nights which lead to late mornings. I just told mu husband I could relate so much more to your health battles!

Candy :) said...

I love this post!! :) I love your home, love the shower curtain. Love the yard..and backyard..pretty!!! Loved the baskets in the laundry room. Loved everything! SO nice to see pics of your home. More, more!!!!
candy :)

A Note From Theresa said...

I'm so happy for you! Very happy your improving. I pray the Lord gives you many more days like this one.


Rancher said...

Great news, I'm so happy for you. Spring is coming, come plant my Victory Garden for your next post.

Muum said...

that is a lot to get down for anyone, much less w/ health problems. Sounds like you'vefound some answers to help you function better! I'm so glad, I have a friend who has been diagnosed w/ RA and a few other things. It is tough. love the cowboy boots, and if you can annoy your kids while you are having fun, it's a two-fer! thanks for your visit to my blog.

Frazzled Farm Wife said... have come a long way in the last year! Now you can come on over to my place and clean some here for me too!!!!!

Jackie said...

News flash, Tia. One lonely little spot on the carpet does'nt make your house dirty.
Having said that...
So happy for you! I'm especially glad to hear that you can hold a baby for longer time because I happen to have a baby who LOVES being held! :-)

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Oh work circles around me dear girl! LOL! I feel really lazy right now after looking at your sparkling home! :)

So glad that your health is being restored! What a miracle! Praise God! :)

Now, if you run out of things to clean at your house, I'll give you my address and you are welcome to spread some Mr. Clean around here! Wear the boots too, they are just too cute!

Take Care! ~Rhonda :)

lady jane said...

I'm so thankful your health has allowed you to take joy in getting so much done! He is faithful!!!

um. When'r ya gonna come clean my house? hm? I'll wait patiently for your reply.

...tappin my dainty toe ever so quickly...

Happymama said...

Pam, I'm so glad you're able to do all of those things that you haven't been able to do in recent past. I imagine it must have driven you crazy not to be able to do them.

You must show us the dress!! Gotta see, gotta see!


Rebecca said...

Praise the Lord! and wow did you do a lot! I'd be impressed if you didn't have RA with it I'm wowed!

Randi Jo :) said...

Hey Pam! :) Thanks for coming by! I did add you as a reader on my blogs! and I added your blog to my faves so I can now follow yours now! :)

Have such a great day! :)

Penless Thoughts said...

What a wonderful post and testimony, Pam!!!! I remember a year ago reading about the time you were having. I'm sort of in that spot right now myself with this knee but I, too, shall be rejoicing soon!!! I am so delighted for you. I had to laugh about the Indian and Cowboy outfit!
Great post!!!!

Randi Jo :) said...

p.s. came back to read this post and loved it. that comment by your son was so funny. you have found some pretty nifty cleaning products, huh?

and priase God for your healing! :)

P said...

P is very sorry she has not commented. This is due to the fact that Simple Scholar is posting for her in lieu of P having Internet access. She apologizes and will come leave lots of love when she can finally access the Web on her own!

Lori said...

Wow! You did get lots of cleaning done. That is a good feeling.
I need to get some spring cleaning done.
Thanks for dropping by my site. It was good to hear from you.

crazy4danes said...

Love this post! I too love a sparkling clean bathroom and spotless walls and floors! :D I am so glad that your health is improving so that you are able to accomplish all that you do. :) Take care...

groovyoldlady said...

I'm doing the Happy Dance of Joy on your behalf - but only for 15 minutes.

God is Good!

Toni said...

You are a very funny woman!!I love all the little jokes you made in your post!
I am so happy for you that God is strengthening you!!He is working miricals in my life as well!! When you have time check out my blog.I have an award for you!!Blessings!!!