Tuesday, January 08, 2008


....when we think about new beginnings and the many things we want to accomplish. I know some of my goals include making our lives healthier, happier, and more rewarding. We have lots of living to do in 2008 and I'm going to try and remember that anything is achievable when you start with small, baby steps! Apart from my regular goals of reading my Bible more and spending more time in prayer, below are a few things I want to focus on in 2008:

1)Control portions at the family table, while consuming more high-nutrient foods. For instance, a standard 3 oz. size portion of meat is about the size of a deck of cards. We're so accustomed to "SUPER SIZING" at our house.

2)Make a family commitment to reduce waste. We're not "tree-huggers" but as Christians, we are aware that the scriptures teach us to be good stewards with all God has provided for us. That includes our time and money, the earth, and the environment. I've been inspired lately by http://lotsforless.blogspot.com/ ('Pen of Jen') to think creatively about ways to reduce trash and cost, and ways to recycle.

3)Freshen up my home! I've re-arranged some furniture and have added more color to my home. In sunny Florida, we don't have many dreary, wintry days. However, for those of you living in climates that may include dark, winter days, try revitalizing your 'nest' with accessories. Try cheery colored afghans and tablecloths in energizing reds, yellows, or golds. I've placed a few rugs with patterns in jewel tones over our neutral colored carpet.

Due to my poor health over the past couple of years, I've kept my new home in a somewhat sterile condition. Less, stuff means less maintenance! I'm continuing to keep clutter out, however, I'm now enjoying much improvement in health and my creative side is crying to be released! I'm having fun finally putting into action some of the ideas that have been rolling around in this brain of mine for the two years we have lived in this home! It's amazing how simply re-arranging some furniture pieces and bringing in some soft, comfortable fabrics such as cushions, and scarves on tables have warmed up our living spaces and helped create a more welcoming gathering place!

4)Take in more cultural events which are aplenty in the Tampa Bay area. (i.e. The Florida Orchestra, The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, etc.)

5)Enjoy more educational excursions with Shane. (i.e. Museum of Science and Insdustry, The Florida Aquarium, Great Explorations-Hands On Museum, Lowry Park Zoo, Busch Gardens - yes, the park includes many educational values, and many other places.

6)Travel more. I'd like to visit relatives in West Virginia, Indiana, and California.

So there you have it, a look at some of my goals for 2008. I think they are all do-able as long as my health continues to improve! I'm anxious to see what exciting gifts the Lord has in store for my family and I over the next 12 months! Right now I'm off now to attain my goal of setting up my new printer!


Pat said...


You are alive and planning, and enacting!!

Love it!!

We are right there with you!!

Alot of groups go to those places you mentioned and get great discounts!! I'll email some names if you do not know of any support groups!

Hope to visit soon!!

Ashley said...

Hmm...come to think of it, I need to make a list of my goals. ^.^
I haven't really thought of too many. LOL

I've been controling my portions really well lately! ^_^

AWW I'm so glad you've been decorating a bit, I know how you've wanted to so much.

Man, we've got to see ya guys sometime. lol one of these days...haha.

Baptist Girl said...

Pam, Good thoughts. Sorry I have not popped in much but I have not been on the internet as much as I use to..life get's so busy at times...you know that *S*

When I read your blog it brought to mind something I was thinking of doing awhile back and have not got around to doing it. I was thinking, I am getting older and it is coming on quickly, I thought there are so many things I would like to do before I go home to be with the Lord, so I thought I would make a list of say 20 things that I would like to accomplish before He calls me home. I think it would be fun doing this, there are place I would like to see and things I would love to try for the first time. Just some of my silly thoughts..I pray you and and your dear family have a wonderful year ahead full of the love of Christ and good health to you all.



wutthi said...

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Jackie said...

Those are wonderful goals...they inspire me to do more as well! Except for traveling...I don't want to travel! :-)

Daughter of the King said...

Excellant post...my dh and I are back working the health/diet...and sticking to it..and we too have so many areas we want to work on.
SO so glad you are back with us in blogland...I really missed you

Teresa said...

Great job!! Your goals are very inspiring. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

Penless Thoughts said...

Nice goals, Pam.


Pam, I am so glad you are back. When I saw your comment recently on my post, I was very thankful to see your name. I have not been able to visit much for the last few weeks but I did want to stop by and thank you for praying for me and my family in the loss of our sister. It meant so much to us. She is now home in heaven and very happy, I am sure. God took very good care of Jim and I during this time and it was such a blessing knowing there were those of you praying.

I hope you and your family have one of the happiest New Years ever and May God bless and keep you in good health. love you, connie in Texas

Lori said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! God's blessings to you in the coming year!
Those are a great set of goals.