Thursday, January 10, 2008

Have You Hugged A Missionary Today?

Don't you think the title of this post would make a terrific bumper sticker? I found the following post in my draft file and realized I still want to post it. It was originally writen on Nov. 12.


We concluded our annual Mission's Conference Sunday morning. It was a humbling time as I sat in the pew this week, listening to several missionaries share their passion for lost souls. A passion so strong, that they are willing to leave the comforts of what they know best and serve Christ in a strange, foreign land. I'm always reduced to tears and loud snubbing in mission's conferences. Missionaries are dear to my heart. Many of you know why, don't you? Yes,
my sister and her hubby have served many years in Venezuela and now are headed to Paraguay to serve the peoples there. Already in Paraguay, is my beautiful niece, Jackie. Most of my readers know those family members through my/their blog. But did you all know that when I was 13 or so years of age, my parents surrendered to the mission field? Yes, we were headed to Australia! I was so excited to go and live in the Land Down Under! Our VISAS were denied however, so my dad became involved in church planting here in the states. I have been working on a post with a little more information about that part of mine and Rita's lives.

I have another missionary family I want to introduce you to in this post. My husband's sister and her family have been unsung heroes on my blog. I realized recently that I have neglected them here. Larry and Ruth Owens, with their 3 boys are pictured here. They serve in San Miguel de Tucuman,in the northern part of Argentina.

David, Ruth, Larry,

Caleb and Joshua (yes the 3rd Joshua in our immediate family)

My two boys with their cousins. My Josh is in yellow and Shane is in cami.

Shane in blue, with his cousin Joshua Owens. Yes, My sis, Rita, has a Josh, I have a Josh, and Agustin's sister has a Josh! Thankfully we all live in different countries. Less confusion that way!
This picture always makes me cry. I was crying when I took it. This was after one of their furlough visits. Agustin is hugging his sister, Ruth, good bye before she heads to the airport for Argentina.
Shane, in white T-Shirt, just hangin' out with his younger cousins, Caleb (left) and Joshua (right back).

The Lord has allowed the Owens to start and organize several churches in different cities in Argentina, which have now been turned over to national pastors. Their latest endeavor has been the huge task of establishing a Bible college, which is an arm of the ministry of their latest local church. The college supplies room and board for those who need it. There is a tremendous amount of poverty in Argentina, which doesn't make charging tuition an option. Larry and Ruth have seen God supply over and over again in remarkable ways! They are humble servants of the Almighty, willing tools to be used of Him. Please remember them in prayer as they continue ministering in Argentina. They are making plans to send their first born here to the states for college in the fall of '08.

So perhaps you see why I think a great bumper sticker would be:


Now just for fun!

You Are a Gingerbread House

A little spicy and a little sweet, anyone would like to be lost in the woods with you.


Abouna said...

You certainly have been blessed with a great family. They all seem to really be living for the Lord. I know you will cherish them forever.

A Note From Theresa said...

I think that would be a great bumper sticker indeed. I did not hug a missionary but I did shake their hands. lol (Wednesday)

I too am a ginger bread house lol we must be a lot alike.

RhodeDog said...

Missionaries are definitely overlooked and many times misunderstood. I love them for their service - their heart for people is incredible.

Teresa said...

I love the bumper sticket idea. Good one! Great admiration is what I have for missionaries.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, pam. :o)

our church has a number of bible colleges but one in Ghanna is especially precious to our hearts. it's tuition free for those that live in Ghanna. the Lord is working in mighty ways and raising up men of valor, on fire for our Lord Jesus Christ.

a couple years ago the school became 'native' run, with a couple stateside pastors on the board. i'm so very humbled and thankful to be part of the support ($ & prayer) in spreading the Gospel.

Jackie said...

I for one, would love to be lost in the woods with you. Sounds like a fun time...knowing us, we would giggle nervously the whole time.

Rebecca said...

It seems that I am a ginger bread house too.

Daughter of the King said...

We as a couple love missionaries...and really try to support them in one way or is near and dear to our heart....this was so precious....

Jungle Mom said...

the Owens are well known at BIMI for being faithful, hard working missionaries and very sacrificial!


I love missionaries. I hugged the missionaries wife on Wednesday night and shook the hand of her husband. The same ones Theresa shook hands with.

I know many missionaries but I could never know enough.They are very special. I was happy to be introduced to the other ones in your family that I know you must love a great deal also. True men of God and their sacrifical families are some of God's greatest people. So I would use that bumper sticker anytime, anyplace. connie from Texas

groovyoldlady said...

Our house is a hospitality house for missionaries! WeI LOVE having them stay here so I can wait on them and pamper them and pump them for info and pray for them. Mulletman desparately wants to go somewhere - for a while we thought we'd be working with Mslms in London, but thus far the Lord has only allowed him short-term trips to Haiti (He's been on 5 and is considering a 6th this spring.)

Bonnie said...

I knew Larry Owens way back in college. He was a go-getter for the Lord then. I always knew that he would stay faithful in the work of the Lord and be used mightily in His service. He has a beautiful family.