Friday, December 14, 2007

Surprise Visit From ME!!

Hi Gang!

Just a real quick note to let you know y'all are in my heart and thoughts often. Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm at my parents home right now. I brought some of their favorite food products to them. From Fresh Market: Pimiento cheese, pumpernickel bread, toasted French rounds, bananas, and huge naval oranges! They were awesome, like a little slice of heaven!

Mom is having much less pain but must continue sleeping in the recliner for now. she is craving a good night's sleep in her bed!

Ron went home from the hospital on Tuesday with his new liver. (Groovy, I can't wait to ask him if they gave him a side of onions with that! You crazy nut!)

My brother and two sons have had a terrible flu virus.

My friend Amber arrived from Pensacola safely and is in route with her daddy now to her home!

It's raining cats and dogs here!

Love to all and to all a good night!



I am glad you got to visit your parents with all the goodies. I am sure you made their day.

It is so good to really hear from you. I want to say Merry Christmas to you and your family also. Hope to see you soon.

I will keep those in prayer that are ill. Pray they will soon be well. Have a wonderful New Year, dear friend. connie from Texas

Abouna said...

Great to hear from you again. I thought maybe you you moved away to parts unknown and didn't tell any one.

Glad your mom is doing better and I continue to pray for her.

I loved that Liver and Onions joke (You Bad).

Hope you all have a great Christmas season.

Mishel said...

Good to hear from you and Merry Christmas to you too!! : ) Hugs!

jennifer said...

Pam I have missed you!

I am having a one year blog anniversary with giveaways hope you can stop by!

Anonymous said...

VERY nice to 'see' you again. You're missed.

Ashley said...

That's great you got to go over! You're getting them spoiled! LOL What with the groceries, laundry, and homemade chicken soup. ;)

I will keep Shane, Josh, and Johnny in my prayers...I hate that they're sick.(and my mom too. :(

I'm glad you're mother is doing better. Poor mom's been trying to sleep on one of our deck chairs because of her's not working out so well though.

Love you!

Daughter of the King said...

Whew....Glad to hear from are missed...lady...

I too will join in prayer for you and all of yours...


Jayde said...

Hi, Aunt Pam. I am glad that Grandma is doing alright! Merry Christmas to all!!

I hope all those who are sick will get better so that they can enjoy this Christmas season!

Good to hear from you, Aunt Pam!

Pat said...

Glad you are keeping your sense of humor!!

WE NEED RAIN!! I am soo glad we will get more tonite and tomorrow!!

Missed you today--but I understand.....

You still want that gift you were asking about???

Love n hugs---miss you!!

Jungle Mom said...

Liver and onions?!?!?!

Rebecca said...

lol I had a good chuckle at that side of onions remark.

Webutante said...

Merry Christmas dear Pam and family!

Sis. Julie said...

I sure am missing you Sister!! Missing our sometimes chat on the IM and hearing from you. I know you can't help the happenings that are keeping you from doing those things so I'll just be patient till you can get back to that. Love you and praying for you!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Been wondering about you! Thanks for the updates...I have been wondering about Ron and his liver! Glad your mom is doing good too!

Amber said...

Hey, Aunt Pam! I'm baaaaaaaack!!! Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. ^_^

I hope that everyone in your fam is getting over the illness thing. Yuck. =( Hope to see you soon!

groovyoldlady said...

Sorry, I'm a little behind.

Gee, I wish I HAD a little behind!


Glad to hear all the happy reports. :-D

Amber said...

Thanks for your comment. (I love getting them!) Ahh still sick? I'll pray that everyone is healthy so that I can see you guys soon. Thanks for praying for me.