Sunday, February 05, 2012

Photo Montage for My Li'l Sister's Birthday!


I wish I could tell my little sister "Happy Birthday" in person, but since she lives on another planet continent, I won't be able to do that. So in honor of her birthday, please indulge me in posting this photo montage for her. We have shared many happy memories, she and I! Of course, some not so happy. Such is life. But for today, we will dwell on the happy ones! :)

I'm happy she has family members near her who will see to making her special day memorable. When I turned FIFTY (did I just say that out loud?) she surprised me and flew to the states. She showed up at a school reunion I was at. I was called out to the parking lot. In the parking lot, I saw a HUGE box with a tag which read "To Pam, special delivery". I opened up that box and guess what popped out? a red headed sister!!!  My sister, who is very claustrophobic, sat on a chair, inside a huge box for quite a long time waiting for me to get out to the parking lot! Now that is sisterly love if ever I saw it! You can look at photos of that spectacle here or watch the joy of the moment  here!

Now an' ad nauseum' collection of photos in no particular order because Blogger likes doing that to me when I upload!
My sister and I while living in Mexico
(and little Jackie Jo too!)

My sister and I in the refrigerator, er I mean AT the refrigerator @ my house in Wesley Chapel, FL.
(We were planning and prepping for her soon to be daughter in law's bridal shower that evening!)

My sis entertaining  Georgianne and eating @ my house in Wesley Chapel, FL
She might kill me for this one!

Oh, these are all of our munchkins, several years ago. We both LOVE our kiddos!
Smyrna Baptist Church, Tampa, Florida

My sister at her son's wedding. (Doesn't she look lovely?)
She is playing with Abigail, one of her grand-daughters.
Condo @ Lake Tahoe, California

My sister with her 4 children, new daughter in law, grand baby, and hubby @
Lake Tahoe

My sister and ... oh wait, I don't see her in this photo, but I do see most of our kiddos and both of our husbands in it! :)
and our little brother Johnny down on the end showing off his arms!
Family Reunion @ Uncle Mack's "property" - ahem - West Virginia!
AW!! My sister and I just a few years ago! RIGHT!
 Fortuna, California

My sister, mommy, and I in our humble little house in Fortuna,California.

My sister on Christmas morning at our house in Arcadia, Florida.
(oh how I'd love to have that big farmhouse now! What I could do with it!)

My sister, in our yard (orange grove) Hillsboro Ave. Arcadia, Florida with one of our many pets over the years.
She always was the pet lover of the family!

My sister in middle school.
Aren't her freckles cute?
I'm not sure where we lived at this point in time. Our dad was in ministry, so we moved - ALOT!

My sister with friends Kim and Jessica at summer camp @
 the Bill Rice Ranch, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

My sister after high school graduation. I think she was actually teaching kindergarten at Arcadia Christian Center.
Isn't she pretty?

My sister on McDonald's playground in Arcadia, Florida with one of my students from Port
Charlotte who was spending the weekend with us. (Rita, do you remember Chrissy Zeeman?)

(yeah, back in the day!! This was our prayer card we left at churches, reminding them to pray for us as we traveled to garner support to help send us to the mission field of Australia.

My sister and her hubby Clint.
This was their first prayer card as they planned to minister in Venezuela.
The lived in New Hampshire as newlyweds.

My sister in high school, Cambridge, Ohio

My sister and I weeks after she had given birth to baby Jayde. She is holding an album I made for her.
@ our parent's home, Tampa, Florida

One last word for my little sister:


 and I love you very much.
Happy Birthday Rita!
P.S. -  the post I did yesterday was about her daughter, Jackie.


Betty said...

What a sweet post! Glad to see you posting again Pam! Rita is a special person and you described her well. I hope to visit her sometime soon. Happy birthday to her!

Susan said...

Enjoyed all the pictures and especially the love you have for Rita that shines through this post.

Tessie Medlin said...

Pam and Rita, I enjoyed the photos. It's wonderful to see how much you love each other. It's makes me miss my daughters. Happy Birthday, Rita. You keep me laughing as I read your posts on FB, about daily life on the mission field. Many blessings to both you and Pam. Love, Tessie

Jungle Mom said...

Oh that was sweet and fun to read but a few of those photos.... really?????? You had to post those??? Yes, you are the more mature sister. Sorry my internet was out all week end

Kristi said...

It's fun looking at all the vintage pictures. :)

I have to say, though, the ACE picture with her in her uniform made my stomach turn. The uniform that I WISH I had never had to wear. So glad I never will again. LOL hahaha


Pa Ul said...

I enjoyed reading your post. This weekend is my sister's birthday treat.