Friday, February 03, 2012


I'm so thankful for the relationship my husband has with his sons. He has been an active, hands on dad since day one!  I think it is so sweet to watch Shane and his dad refinish Shane's bedroom furniture together. It certainly has been some quality bonding time for the two of them as they have planned their days, shopped for materials, and worked on this project. It has taken a couple of weeks, as they only work on Agustin's day off. Shane has made practically all the decisions concerning his new room in this house.

Ideas of Shane's which we've used:

*use lime green/black/silver for decor
*refinish his existing furniture rather than buying new
*paint said furniture black
*attach new hardware
*chose contemporary brushed nickel handles
*picked out new brushed nickel lamps
*chose black lamp shades instead of white
*brushed nickel ceiling fan/light

Ideas of mine which we've used so far:

*purchase thermal draperies to block out some of this hot Florida sun! (his bedroom window gets full morning sun and by the afternoon his room is too warm to enjoy)
*use black floating shelves in lieu of a bulky two piece cabinet/bookshelf

I can't wait to get it all pulled together with lime green accessories. I promise, I will take pictures to share here!

FYI: This furniture has been in our family for many years. It was used throughout the childhood of my cousin's son, Ted. Ted grew up to be an Army Ranger. After returning from his tours in Iraq, Ted accepted a position as instructor at West Point!!! Yeah, awesome I know! :) After a few more years in Germany, Ted has now retired. We have used Ted's furniture for both of our sons. It has been an honor!

Here is the cabinet and bookshelf that is part of Shane's bedroom furniture. I'm going to steal use it in my kitchen I think.

This is one of the small drawers of the above shelf. Can you read what it says?  My cousin Ted must have been saving money to purchase a frog?? I just shared this photo on his Facebook page, asking him to indulge me by explaining. I think it's a nice little piece of his youth.


Rebecca said...

To blog. You can always go to your blog to write out what you really want to say about something and then link to in on Facebook. That way if people want to read it they can and if not fine. It also lets us know when there is a new blog post to read. Glad to see you!

Rebecca said...

I'd say keep your blog. You can always use it to write out things you really want to say. You can post your pictures on it and Facebook can't have anything to say about it. Also, you can link to it on Facebook and then those who want to read your whole post can and those who don't can not. At the same time you are letting those of us who like your blog know when there is a new post to read.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Pam, this is charming.

Thanks for the comment you left on Bella Vista and I wanted to tell you that you can 'mix' rustic and elegant. I do it all the time. Check out my Farmhouse hutch in my kitchen.

Happy Friday,
Barb ♥

Susan said...

Oh it sounds nice. Can't wait to see the pictures. I love the idea of the green!!!!So neat they are doing this all themselves and yes that father-son bonding is priceless. Suzette once had a red/white & black bedroom when she was a teenager. It was a fun one to put together and we all enjoyed it a lot.

Glad you're back to blogging again. I'm really trying!!!

Elayne said...

Hi Pam...thanks for visiting my blog recently! I always enjoy hearing from people I don't know (yet :)
I will be checking back here to see what you are up to. Keep on blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pammy! Navigating your page now! You are a busy blogger!
Janny Kay