Thursday, July 08, 2010

Oh-No! My pretty little blog layout is missing!

Remember my cute little bumble-bees and hives and sunflowers?!? You can click on the link below to learn why my blog went from adorable to BORING!! Boo-hoo! Do any of you use another site that offers free layouts?


In the meantime, I guess I'll revert to one of Blogger's free designs. I guess this pink isn't too bad for the time being.

Smiles! Have a great evening.


AllyJo said...

Wow. That's strange. I'll get you some cards my sweet friend. :) I'm a crappy friend, but I DO love you.

MightyMom said...

I use the blog

others use cutest blog on the block I think it's called.

There are several actually. google free blog templates and then cruise the sites till you find what you like.

Kristi said...

What are you using? I use Cutest Blog on the Block. It's in the top left corner of my blog if you want to go there and check 'em out. LOL
I like the pink stripes you have going on here.

Susan said...

I dislike that so much of the blog world is turning into just another way to make money!!!! I, for one, am not going there. I've had my layout, that LA helped do for me :o) for all this time. It may seem boring to some, but it sums up who and what I am.

Be sure and visit hearts I have an urgent prayer request posted.

Jackie said...

It's really not too hard to custom design your own. Google, learn, then start your own design business and make extra cash! :)

Or not. hehe

Love you!