Tuesday, July 06, 2010

An Abby-ism!!!

My niece's little girl Abbie, recently told her mommy the following:
"Mommy, I miss Tia Pam and Taney Pooh. I call him Taney Pooh "cubuz" his is a funny boy!"
I can just see her tilting her head as she said that!

Just look at her! Who wouldn't miss such a doll?

Abbie, wearing a Paraguayan soccer jersey, eating her 4th of July watermelon. I'm glad her parents see the need to celebrate our American holidays even though they are ex-pats living in Paraguay.


Nina in Portugal said...

I agree..she is adorable!!

celebrating the 4th of July while dressed in Paraguaian attire...typical missionary kid!!


I can see why you would miss her!

Deborah said...

What a patriotic cutie!

Jungle Mom said...

It was fun!