Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home-in Paraguay

My niece and her little family arrived exhausted but safe after an all night flight with a 2 year old, 4 year old and the new 9 week old baby. Thank God they arrived safe and sound to join my sister and her husband who were already there. We will miss them greatly! Sunday was difficult for mom and I as that is the day we went over to get our final hugs and kisses before the little family left on their long trip. I did well at keeping my emotions in check. Usually I fall apart when Rita and her crew have to leave us, but I know the girls were so so excited about getting back to their home (Paraguay). Their parents are wise and the entire year here, they spoke lovingly of their field of service and built up the excitement so that it was only natural that the girlies were filled with anticipation about getting back to their lives in Paraguay! Elena and Abbie have been speaking with joy about their garden they plan on planting when they get back home. And the cutest thing is how they both talk about how their mommy is going to have more babies and Elena squeals: "I'm gonna have lots and lots of sisters and a brother. We are going to name him Jacob!"

I mentioned earlier that I didn't break down and boo-hoo in front of the children as we said our goodbye's Sunday afternoon. ( I did however turn quickly to run to my car when I felt the tears start stinging my eyes and my lips started quivering after the hugs.) That being said, I did break down twice today! The first break down came over me like a ton of bricks when doing my laundry, I came across a pair of Abbie's little size 2 panties. the second break down flooded over me while on my walk this afternoon. As soon as I turned the corner and BOOM, there was the playground where they had so much fun while here. The tears started flowing. It passed quickly as I kept reminding myself how they deserve to be in their own home ; in the land to which God has called their family to serve. I'm sure they are thrilled to be back in their beloved Paraguay after a long year here in the states. It's okay if I miss them though, isn't it?


Susan said...

Yes, it's not only "ok" it's very understandable. What a wonderful family you all have!!!!!

Carrie said...

How could you not miss those sweet little faces (you can almost hear them giggling).
Love & Prayers

Joy said...

Oh Pam, I know you treasured the time you had with them while they were in the States. What a blessing. I can imagine you feel very blue seeing them go back to Paraguay. The internet and facebook is great, but boy being together in person beats it every time.
♥ Joy
P.S. This bees/honey background is just the cutest!

MightyMom said...

wow, they were here a whole year already? are you SURE? that went fast.

I can't imagine having to go back and forth between two homes.

AllyJo said...

God bless them. I will remember them in my prayers. Such a pretty family.

Kelly said...

Of course you should miss them, they are very dear to your heart.

How wonderful that God calls some to serve in other countries to lead others to Him. But, with the way things are going in this country, we can surely be used of God on our home soil. I know that some countries have already begun sending missionaries to some areas in the U.S. We really need to get country back to God.

By the way, I love the new look on your blog. It's adorable.

Aliene said...

It must be very hard to have to let love ones go. I love your blog. It is one of the cutest I have seen.