Saturday, January 09, 2010

For My Sis ...

My next few posts will continue with the theme of photos and videos galore of family members, but hey, it's the only way to keep my sis, who lives in South America, in the loop. Maybe someday soon, I'll actually write a post!

I recently switched over to the newer version of blogger. WHERE DID THE SPELL CHECK GO? I need
that tool desperately! OH AND  HOW DO I UPLOAD VIDEOS NOW?



Jungle Mom said...

Thanks! The last one is my favorite!

Trish said...

Hi Pam,
Happy New Year! I was wondering the same thing about spell check on this new version of blogger...I can't find it either and I desperately need it!!!
Hope this is a wonderful year for you, filled with blessings!
Love, Trish

Pat said...

AWWWW!! I love your parents!!

Mrs. C said...

Very, very sweet! Continued blessings to you and your family in 2010!!

~Ginger said...

I know this was for Rita, but just have to put my two cents in. You parents are priceless and I think it's all too sweet to see them kissing. It's a great reminder of faithfulness, love, and commitment for us and our children. (Just like my mom and dad! Love it!)