Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmas Eve: "A La Casa Rios" Part 2

The Rios Bunch on Christmas Eve

Mom shows off her set of kitchen towels, hand embroidered by Aunt Tommie.

Another piece for dad's lighthouse collection; thanks to his sister Tommie.

Josh gave his dad a new tie.

Shane with his new gaming laptop. He was stoked!
I know, you can't really tell from this photo so
just watch the short video at the bottom of this post!)

Naomy seemed to like her body care products.

Josh with his new shirt.

Hawaiin Princess Cake - moist and delish!

Naomy saying farewell to Mr. Snowman

Shane and Rudolph

Josh was thrilled that we asked him to pose also!

Give the snowman a hug Josh!

Do I sort of look like a midget? Naomy thinks so!

The "tough guy" cousins saying goodnight.


Joy said...

Love that video of Shane. Don't you love that reaction!

Your family picture is fantastic.
You got some good lookin boys Pam. I know your proud of them.
♥ Joy

Susan said...

Love the tea towels. Almost a lost art and thing!!

Jungle Mom said...

Shane is taller than you?

Kristi said...

That video of Shane is HILARIOUS. ROFL Don't you just love it when you get something right at Christmas??? lol

And yeah....you kind of did look like a midget in that picture. Excuse me....little person.


MightyMom said...


Pat said...

What is Hawaiian Princess cake?

I know how thrilled you were to spend the holiday with family!!
and your parents
and Josh and Naomy!!

What a blessed family!! Oh, and lest I forget....Augustin and Shane---