Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We Voted Early...

last Wednesday to be exact. It felt strange but boy oh, am I glad to not be standing in long lines today! The neighbor's ranch - YAY!

My husband NEVER puts bumper stickers on our cars. This year, he made an exclusion!

Guess who I voted for!
(Notice the Mickey Mouse ears) Shane says: "Hey Acorn paid me in cheese to vote!"

Shane participated in an online election at one of our curriculum websites. He even took time to answer the exit poll questions. They provided the buttons to print out as proof. This one resides proudly on our fridge door.


Jungle Mom said...

Cute of Shane!

Q: Why does Obama want to take the oath of office in a baseball stadium?

A: So he can deliver his sermon on the mound.

Penless Thoughts said...

We voted at 9:30 this morning. What a privilege to cast that vote.

Kristi said...

I LOVED the picture of Shane in his MM ears and that caption. That was hilarious and made me laugh. He's so funny!


MightyMom said...