Monday, November 10, 2008


I never expected that watching the O*bama's arrival at the White House, greeted so pleasantly by my President and his gracious wife, would have such an impact on me. I immediately began tearing up, then sobbing outwardly. Fortunately Shane is not home, so I sit here alone wiping my eyes, boo hooing and wiping my nose as I try to type here. I suppose if Shane were here, I would have been able to keep my emotions in check. When the two men walked from the colonnade into the door of the oval office, another burst of tears for me. It was as though I were looking at a spiritual light and darkness walking into that office. O*bama has already promised to reverse some very important executive orders which President Bush signed. One being the Freedom of Choice Act which removes practically all restrictions on abortions. Of course, the O*bama folks call it "Family Planning", as all liberals do, trying to take away the ugliness of killing innocent lives. I'm weeping for my country because it appears she is continuing down a road that isn't pretty, and the direction certainly isn't godly.

As the two men chat in the oval office, I hope and pray that some of Mr. O*bama's cockiness and arrogance melt away as he realizes what a burden has been on our beloved President's shoulders since 9-11. I pray that President Bush's true heart is exposed to this new kid on the block. I'm also hopeful that President Bush can in some way testify about God's grace in his life and share a testimony or two with the President Elect.

I'm also praying for the two ladies meeting in the residence at this moment. May God have the glory from all that transpires at the White House today. Hopefully Michel*e O*bama will become as gracious as Mrs. Bush has been.

I want so badly to appreciate and enjoy this historical event of our nation being the first anglo country to elect a president of color. However, I can't get past the facts. We now have a man, soon taking the highest office in the land, who so boldly embraces abortion and Planned Parenthood, big(ger) government, and socialism! PEOPLE, HOW MUCH LONGER DO YOU THINK I CAN CONTINUE TO HOMESCHOOL MY CHILD WITHOUT THREATS?

As my country seems to be trying so desperately to align with Europe, my concerns run deep. They tried socialism and discovered it didn't work all that well. They actually have turned slightly to the right, trying some of America's great ideas.

I'm on my knees daily asking God to grant me the proper attitude for my new president. I am proud that my nation has a history of peaceful transitions. I'm so proud to hear that President Bush is working so hard to make this transition during war time, as glitch free as possible. Remember he and his wife weren't welcomed into the White House in quite the same way. Some hateful Clinton aids left things a mess, a very immature action, even removed the w's from computer keyboards. I sure hope all involved in the transition are more respectful than that. Then I trust the O*bama's, when they leave the White House in 2012, will remember the graciousness of the Bush's today!!!


Penless Thoughts said...

I am praying that our great God turns the heart of the President elect and when he really "sees" what he has not known and his heart will be opened about abortion and a lot of other things. Our God is well able!!!!

Mrs. C said...


Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I am also concerned about what an Obama administration would do with homeschooling. Not so much Obama himself, but maybe the justices he appoints and the laws that are passed that he signs?

I am concerned that people are confusing the very WONDERFUL fact that a black man can now get elected in this country with the very SAD fact that he ran on this agenda.

Many blessings to you this day!

Jungle Mom said...
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Jungle Mom said...

Pam, could you delete my comment above? I fear someone such as William will misinterpret my meaning in regards to the fact of Obama dying one day. I hope Obama lives to a ripe old age!!!

Pat said...

I can most certainly agree with you, my friend!!

And I echo the sentiments of your dear sister....we have not reached our land for Christ...the self serving generation has spoken and God will allow them to see th fruit of thier choice!

I agree ---we myust pray without ceasing!! And do not forget as you said, to soften their hearts to things of the world, because as thes restrictions are lifted, we become a nation more self centered and turned way from God!!

God knows.....and He cares for US His people, and will not suffer His children the wrath of the wicked!!

MightyMom said...


I see no reason to weep.

and, for a very enlightening perspective...see here

fear not, friend.

But DO get involved with all your representatives now and let them know what you will remember them supporting or not supporting come the next election.

Remember, all that Obama says now is just rhetoric. Nothing happens fast in our country, nothing.

If you go to his website..even some of the particulars about different plans have changed from 2 days ago....many have simply been deleted. oops. guess we're not gonna be able to do that after all.......

write, don't weep.

MightyMom said...

just remember who came AFTER Carter!! :-)

oh and Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 25.

lady jane said...

Ditto to your heart thoughts, dear friend.


William said...
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