Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look Who Came To Lunch!

Aunt Donna (my dad's eldest sibling), Cousin Ron with his wife Ellie.

Sunday was a special treat! My cousin, Ron, his wife, Ellie, and his mom, Aunt Donna drove up from Ruskin to attend church with my parents in Tampa. After services they came on up to Wesley Chapel to honor me with their presence. I had made a mega pot of Mexican Style Chicken Soup! Hey, it's good for whatever ails you! I had forgotten that Ellie isn't a lover of soup, but since my recipe is quite rustic with big ol' chunks of chicken and veggies, she enjoyed two bowls full! I made sure they all knew to add in some Oaxca cheese and fresh cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime to give the soup that truly Mexican twist. I also served crusty french baguettes with butter. When they asked if there was a connection between the Mexican soup and the French bread, Agustin was happy to point out that the whole "Cinco de Mayo" celebration is in honor of Mexico winning it's independence from France! So we happily dunked our French bread into our Mexican soup! LOL

We had a wonderful time visiting and catching up. We only live about 45 minutes apart, but hadn't seen each other since Christmas of '06!! I know, it's a crying shame!

Monday, Ron called me from his office to let me know that Wednesday he was reporting to Brandon hospital for a heart catherization, asking us to pray, not knowing what else lay ahead for him that day. All he knew was he hadn't passed the stress test during his physical. Well, it turned out he had two blocked arteries. One was blocked 100% , which they corrected Wed. by placing a stint in it. The other is 70% blocked, but was left as is. Ron was given a prescription and he has determined to continue his walking routine and watch what he eats more closely. (Boy Ron, I'm sure glad we got to enjoy that Tiramasu before you received your bad news!) I'm so glad he didn't require open heart surgery! Please remember him in your prayers as you go about your day. He will return back to work on Monday. Oh and one more note about my cousin Ron - he is quite the accomplished pianist! I just love hearing that guy tickle the ivories. One day soon, I want to take a photo of his unique piano and post it here for you all to see how truly beautiful it is.
I was thrilled with Ron's laughter and strong voice when I checked in on him tonight. He was so happy to be able to share with me how he had the opportunity to be a witness for Christ to several during his short hospital stay.

Me and my Aunt Donna!
The Motley Crew! (Ellie, Ron, my mom, Aunt Donna, and Agustin)

Ron giving me one of his charming smiles!

(HMMM---makes me wonder what he's up to!)

The S.O.U.P! (There really is chicken in there somewhere!)

Agustin made the rice just like his Mama used to make!

Looks good enough to eat!

The 3 toppings that make my chicken soup special! (Cilantro, Mexican cheese, limes)

We love you Ron and Ellie and are so thrilled you chose to spend Sunday afternoon hanging out with us!


Jungle Mom said...

Thank God for the good news on Ronnie. That soup looks delish, we need to see the recipe!!!

Pam said...

JM-Recipe???Uh I make it up as I go!!

Anonymous said...

I am sooooooooo jealous of your summer weather!!!!!! Yes, summer! You should see how much snow we have here! We have so much that the county had to get a cat (you know, one of those big machines) to push it off the sides of the road into the farmer's land! We've set new records! Your food looks good too! :o)

Rebecca said...

Yum! Thank God about Ron.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Fun times with family....always love hearing about that!

Your soup looks awesome!

Mrs.B said...

Your meal sounds delicious and I just love, love, love limes and cilantro!

Thanks for visiting my blog Pam, I always appreciate the uplifting comments you leave me. (o:


Jackie said...

I'm drooling...!!

Missy said...

That's what I need to get rid of my illness. Some of that chicken soup Agustin made when your mom broke her arm.

Missy said...

No Strawberry Festival for me this weekend (maybe next Sunday the 9th after church). No dinner out on my actual birthday. No lunch with Margie or Dinner with Sarah Davis on Friday. I may make it to church on Sunday. If I am better. It has ventured into my lungs and am now on Breathing treatments with a nebulizer. It is pretty bad when you work from home and have to call in sick.

Janie said...

OOOOHHH...the soup looks good, the rice looks good, it all looks good!

Hearing about your family visits with pictures is great, too!

Happymama said...

Oh GIRL! That soup and rice look awesome!!! It made me hungry...seriously!

Glad you had a good time with your family. It's always nice getting together after not seeing each other for a while.


Mimi said...

what a wonderful family time... and that soup looks delicious

Pat said...

Yummo!!! And to think I offered my gringo Chicken soup to you to help you feel better....maybe I should add some of the cheese, cilantro and lime---bet it does taste DELISH!!

Glad he is ok---we have a nephew in the ICU there .... (Brandon)---pray for his salvation!!!

Glad you are on the mend....we can come have coffee soon **:) smiles**

jennifer said...

Pam... yummy!!!

How fun for you all to get together!

Liz said...

OK, your soup looks a LOT like mine.. so I'm going to ask you for Agustin's rice recipe instead!!!

Come on.. it sure is delicious!!!

groovyoldlady said...

Hey, send ME some of that awesome soup. I have the flu, you know!


(I am such a whiner...)