Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I had never heard of this word until it arrived in my email a few weeks ago from's Word Of The Day! I LOVE this word!

I'd like to see who can compose an interesting sentence using "my" new word! Just leave it in my comment section if you feel so obliged!

nonagenarian \non-uh-juh-NAIR-ee-uhn; no-nuh-\, noun:

A ninety year old person; someone whose age is in the nineties.


Jackie said...

I hope my eyesight is stillgood when I am a "nonagenarian" so that I can continue reading your blog.

Jungle Mom said...

I will one day be a nonagenarian but I will never be a vegetarian!

Abouna said...

My Father was a "nonagenarian" when he passed away in 1997, which was surprising since he drank a lot. As a matter of fact,he drank Canada Dry.

My Mother is a "nonagenarian" and pretty spry. She doesn't even use glasses, she drinks straight from the bottle, so maybe there is some hope for me yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam! Thanks for visiting Cheese in my Shoe. Let's see...I'm a physical therapist. So, I love to exercise with nonagenarians!
Hey, I love your blog. All the pictures of food, plus the music make me HUNGRY!
nice to meet you. ;-)

Morgan said...

What a cool word...

My grandmother is not yet a nonagenarian, but her mother was!

This was a fun post, Miss Pam, and I hope you're having a good week!

A Note From Theresa said...

The nonagenarian was a grumpy old hermit. That lives in the back mountains of Tennessee. One day he needed some supplies and made his way down to the town below. On his way he meet a sweet little girl who was lost. Not ever being a caring man he almost past by. But her big blue eyes made him stop and look at her. She was holding her doll close to her face and her eyes were wet from crying. Even the grumpy nonagenarian could not help but feel sad for her. He helped her off of the mountains, and even took the time to take her to the sheriff so they can find her parents. The morale of the story is; even the meanest nonagenarian can get their heart touched.

I know you just asked for a sentence but I could not help but make up a story,lol I hope you don't mind.

Deb said...

My Aunt Bernice, affectionately known as Aunt Bunny and even sometimes as Aunt Bunny Rabbit, will probably be a very classy nonagenarian, and we'll throw her a big party in July when she turns 90!

Thanks, Pam, for visiting Mountain Musings! I dropped by here and ENJOYED my first visit VERY MUCH! Thank you!

Penless Thoughts said...

I am fast approaching becoming a nonagenarian!

groovyoldlady said...

The vegetarian nonagenarian went to the cemetarian to talk to a tombstone.

Anonymous said...

The nonagenarian left her Depends on my register.


Sis. Julie said...

I don't think I'll even try this one. It would sound stupid if I did....LOL!!

Mishel said...

I don't have a sentence, but I love too!!! : )

Rebecca said...

I should live so long as to be a nonagenarian.

My grandmother is a nonagenarian.

My dad would have said, "I never want to be a nonagenarian", and he wasn't. He died at 87.

Is McCain a nonagenarian? lol

Candy :) said...

You didnt know I had a new blog!?
I thought I emailed everyone, thats so strange! Im sorry, I totally thought you knew! :( Oh well, now you know so thats good :)
I havent been blogging much lately, not feeling well. And I mostly read everyones blogs on bloglines thats why I dont comment that much.
Hope your doing well.
Love Candy

Daughter of the King said...

okay....John Mc Cain is almost a *nonagenarian*



Some days I feel like a nonagenarian...

Teresa said...

Hehehe, love the word. If the second syllable were pronounced with long "a" it would be so ironic because it would sound like the meaning would be someone who never ages. LOL Enjoyed the sentences by the way.