Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Off to Mexico!

My husband and youngest son are leaving me!! Boo-hoo! J/K

I'm actually very excited for them as they will be on their way to Mexico by 7 a.m. Thursday morning, if all goes as scheduled. We have to rise at 2 a.m. to leave the house by 3 a.m. to be at the airport by 4 a.m.!! You know the rule: be at the airport 3 hours before your scheduled flight time when travelling internationally! I will only be able to go to a certain point with them and then I will have to give all the kisses and hugs I can give before leaving them and heading for home, (where I will most likely get back in the bed and sleep!) while they wait for their flight!

My husband's baby sister is graduating from Law School, which means "toda la raza" van estar alli! (Lots of relatives will be there!)
Photo of my sweet mother-in-law, and then hubby's cousin, Beto, next is Berenice (the graduate) wearing pink and last, one of hubby's other sisters, Imelda. Oh if you enlarge the photo or look closely, you can see my hubby's father in the background with sunglasses on speaking with an American missionary, Jimmy Lee.

I would love to be going, but we purchased the tickets a couple of months ago when I was practically bedfast with poor health. Agustin and I prayed for several weeks, asking the Lord to give us peace if I should go or not. We never felt that peace for me to go. I would love to be there for this milestone in Berenice's life, but she completely understands our reasoning. I really didn't want Agustin to be worrying about me or having to push me through busy airports in a wheelchair. I also didn't want to slow the family down as they will all want to be out and about, doing things each day. Of course, I am feeling well now and think I could have made the flight with minimal swelling and aches! To be quite frank, I am looking forward to having a week to do just what I want to do when I want to! Can you imagine? I'm pretty excited about that!!! I have SO many plans!

On Saturday morning I will need to be back at Tampa International Airport to meet my sister and her crew! Yippee! They will fly from Venezuela to Miami on Friday, then on into Tampa Saturday early after a night's rest. Because of what they have been watching for the past year and a half, and know how volatile the situation is there now, I am more anxious to see them than ever!

Josh drove up to visit with Agustin and Shane tonight. We went to church together then came home and ate pizza while watching Mexico beat Brazil in the "American Cup" which incidentally is being played in Venezuela this week! The Venezuelan Government (Chavez) didn't want to permit the American Flag to fly during the Cup, but FIFA (Federation International Football Association) they were told they couldn't host the games at all if he wouldn't agree to displaying ALL flags of ALL nations playing! USA is playing in the stadium which is right in the city Rita lives in. The American Embassy issued emails warning Americans to stay away from the game. The security team from the US which went in ahead of the soccer team was given all kinds of flack and accused of being spies! The stadium in which several of these big games are to be played is only 70% completed. It hasn't any water, so they are hauling water in for the week! Also, to purchase tickets to any of the games, you have to be a card carrying Socialist. Oh and here's another great nugget of info. Since there isn't enough food in Venezuela, the government imported food from Argentina so the stores and restaurants will be well stocked for the tourists!

God bless America!


Ashley said...

Awww, I'll pray they have a safe trip! Josh told me Shane sounded very excited about going!

Oh I know, you're so busy for the week! How crazy!

It was nice to see you tonight! You're so funny! The lil Scategories thing you and Josh were talking about. ROTFL too funny!(your hair looked really good btw!)
I hope I get to see the Vernoys!! It's been so long! And me and Jewel have certainly both grown up since we last saw eachother!

Yes, we so often take our freedom and way of living for granted! Thank God for America!

Jodi said...

I'm probably reading this about the time you plan to get up! Will be praying for safe travel for your two sweeties and for your sister and her family.

Your sister is in a scary environment. Regarding other countries ~ I was reading Elizabeth's blog (A Biblical Home). She had an interesting article on Germany -- preacher sent to prison for saying abortion is to a baby like what the Nazis did to the Jews. And I'm sure you know about Germany and homeschooling.

We are very blessed to still have the freedoms we do in America. Let us hope [and most assuredly pray] it stays that way!

Blessings to you and yours. Enjoy your "Pam Time!" ;o)

Lyndy said...

Praying your hubby and son have a wondeful trip. I also hope you have a fun time while they are gone.

So glad to hear you are still feeling better. That is such a blessing.

Love you, Lyndy

Rebecca said...

I have been and will continute to pray for your sister's safe return. Did I tell you that I like the new pic of you?


I will be praying they have a safe and very happy trip. I hope you have a safe and pain free time while they are gone. I know you will be glad to see your sister. I am so glad she will be there. connie from Texas

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoy your week and I can only imagine your excitement with Rita and family coming. After reading all her posts I will be so relieved to hear they have set foot in the U.S.!

Jungle Mom said...

Viva Mejico!!!!! We were thinking of you all last night when we heard they had won! And to beat Brazil is no little thing!!!

Just Theresa said...

I am looking forward to having a week to do just what I want to do when I want to! Can you imagine? I'm pretty excited about that!!! I have SO many plans!
I was the same way when Grandma had my children lol

I'll pray for your husband and sons safe trip and return.

Haus Frau said...

I'm praying for the safety of your hubby and son <>< and for you too.

God bless America...America, bless God.

Kelli said...

I will say a pray that they have a safe trip! I'm glad you are feeling better and I hope you have a wonderful quiet time at home!

Jackie said...

Ooohhh...I want to hear what your plans are!

Jennifer said...

How fun! I hope they have a safe and wonderful trip... and you get the rest and relaxation you deserve :o)

Have a great week!

Quill of Bill said...

I will pray for a safe trip for them and a comfort for you. God is amazing and wonderful. Just remember, when "accounts are paid in full" nothing else matters. Especially when we realize that they are paid.

In Christ,


Abouna said...

Oh the madness of socialism and other crazy dictators.

This should cheer you up, You have been TAGGED by little ol' me. Please check out my Friday posting to see the questions.

God Bless.

Pat said...

You are close in prayer, as your guys, too!!

Enjoy Rita and the family!!!

Love and hugs !

HsKubes said...

Praying for your family as they travel. Hope you're able to accomplish what you hope to this week and enjoy yourself. ;o)

~ Christina

luvvom said...

I hope they have a great time and I'm sorry you couldn't go but I agree that you will have fun doing what you want when you want. I bet the Americans have a few words to say to the media when they get back home. Too bad for Chavez that he isn't smart enough to brown nose when he should. Maybe people will start getting a clue that he is a terrorist.