Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Dad's cochlear implant surgery this past Thursday went flawlessly. We are so thankful for all the prayers offered on his/our behalf. We've been through so many surgeries with dad that our trip to the hospital Thursday seemed like nothing more than a nice lunch out! (Well for mom and I. I'm sure dad has another opinion.) He was released to go home only two hours after the surgery. His biggest complaint now is the itching as the incision behind his ear heals. Praise God for that!

For now, Dad is deaf in his left ear. We can't really tell much of a difference because he only had 5% hearing left in it anyway pre-operation. He can still wear his digital hearing aids for the right hear which helps a tad. I think his last test revealed only 35% hearing in that ear.

Dad will be allowed time to heal, then phase two of the implant begins; attaching the outer device. We are all excited with the prospect of him being able to hear better and able to join in our conversations. He only hears roars in most social situations. This has caused him to withdraw quite a bit. If this left implant is successful, plans are in the works for the right hear to be done too.

We've been forewarned by the Dr. to be patient. It will take six months to a year for dad to start recognizing us by our new digital voices. Sounds of doors shutting, phones ringing will all be different to him now.

We have a wonderful God who is taking care of Dad, and us.

Enjoy the photos of his cute, new getup!

Pilot Jack!

Smiley Stickers were awarded for good behavior!

Thanks to some dear friends who brought over this delicious cake Saturday afternoon!

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Happy Elf Mom said...

Ohhh, your poor dad. So glad things went well; I'm hoping for WONDERFUL things when he gets hooked up to the device. :)