Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Olsen!!

My friend's daughter was just married on Saturday. It was one of the sweetest wedding ceremonies I've ever experienced. Amber, the bride, is someone I've come to admire and learn from. She may be younger than I, but her heart for God has given her discernment and insight that I desire. Not only is Amber beautiful and fun, she is so very talented! This girl used the internet to teach herself the Japanese language. She took a misson's trip there the year between high school and college. She is an artist. She taught herself guitar. She is an avid photographer. She is recently graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a degree in music. She is returning for her masters in the fall. She married a bright, young, godly man who loves the Lord. His family are missionaries in Italy. It was an honor to meet them at the wedding.

Amber had a Japanese inspired wedding. Simple, sweet, moving. I wish I had recorded the love song from the Song of Solomon which she sang to her groom during the ceremony! What a voice she has. I love her as though we are blood related. I love how, even though she is grown, she continues to call me "Aunt Pam". I know God will do great things with this sweet couple who love Him and desire to serve Him!
Congratulations Nathan and Amber. I love you.


Amber and I at her bridal shower a few weeks ago.

I wish I had thought and taken photos of all the delicate food Amber's aunt Trish made for this shower! Scones and the best Devonshire Cream I've ever popped my beak into! Chicken salad on croissants, fresh fruit salad, and more! Everything was so pretty and tasty. I'm sure Amber, being the photo bug that she is, snapped some pictures of the lovely display. I think she has just been a tad busy lately to have had time to post them. :)

The bride to be, opening gifts.

Yes, we played the silly games!



The Newlyweds!
Amber was a most beautiful pride and I thought Nathan looked so dashing in his ivory jacket!
Nathan with Japanese knife in hand, ready to cut the cake!

Another piece of artwork created by my friend Shannon. I'm so proud of her!

During the reception, me with two of Amber's aunts.

"Aunt Trish" and "Aunt Pam" sporting one of the beautiful Japanese fans which were given as party favors.


And in totally unrelated news:
Are any of you watching the FIFA World Cup?

Since our USA and Mexican teams were eliminated this weekend, we are now rooting for Paraguay. We feel a slight connection with them since my sister and her family live there now. Paraguay may be a small country, but her people are of strong heart! And I hear they are
They face Japan at today!
EDT: Paraguay made it through to the quarter finals!! Hip Hip Hooray! Its the first time in history they've made it that far in a World Cup!

How do you like what my niece Jayde did for her Tio Agustin?


Kathy said...

Pam, your background looks so wonderful! Isn't it awesome how the Lord puts people in our lives of all ages to bless and influence us. Blessings to the new bride and groom!

Kelly said...

Amber looks so sweet. She and her groom look so good together, and what a gorgeous cake. It's nice to see a new post from you.

And, yes, we have been following the World Cup and were quite disappointed when the U.S. was knocked out. We love soccer as my oldest has been playing for eleven years.

Jackie said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures, good to see her so happy!

Jungle Mom said...

I love her dress!