Saturday, March 20, 2010

Checking In! and Welcome Stupendous Sparkle! Glad you found my blog!

Do any of my friends even blog anymore? I have been so scarce around the blog world, I don't even know if my friends blog any longer! That's pretty bad!

Our lives have been in such an unusual state, that I've stayed away from blogging on purpose. I never want to say anything on here that would be detrimental to my family or my loved ones. Thankfully, due to prayer and tears, lots of good books by strong Christian authors, many counseling sessions with pastors, but most importantly, clinging to the Word of God, we are healing and things are ALMOST back to normal. (Normal for us anyway-I always heard that normal is way over rated.)

I did post about my newest great niece, Lexi Joy. That was a great occasion in all our lives. My mother and I were so happy Jackie is home on furlough from Paraguay and was able to give birth in our area.(See her photo in previous post) The baby is now 3 weeks old and getting lots of lovin' from her two sisters!

Last Saturday I enjoyed attending a school reunion. I was a teacher at Arcadia Christian Center back in the 80's, but forged many wonderful friendships with many of the students who were class mates with my siblings. Most of us hadn't seen each other for 25 years until this reunion. It was amazing. And true to form, I have PHOTOS!! LOL

Rita and I having a good laugh. I probably shouldn't have posted such a terrible picture of myself, but I love what this photo communicates. We shared so many good laughs throughout the day.

Former students with their babies!

The next generation!

Mom and Rita, with some of mom's former students.

This is such a great shot! Kim and Rita were best friends and Kim was in Rita's wedding. They've only seen each other a few times since then. I'm sorry it's blurry, but I had to grab this moment before it was over!

Yes, Kim is sitting on my lap. We're so silly!

Rita and Clint with Dwight Powell. He was pastor/principal of Arcadia Christian Center. He just recently returned from Haiti, where he has an established ministry. Oh the stories he told us! God is really working in Haiti. He baptized 126 Sunday before last! He told about a Voodoo priest who also came to the Lord after Dwight climbed the mountain to speak with him face to face and offer food for his people. He told him "My God spoke to me and told me to bring you and your people food." At first the priest denied the help, but later accepted. The next day, he came down off the mountain and found Bro. Dwight and asked to learn more of "his God" who was loving and kind and sent food. The Voodoo priest said his god was angry and made the earth break. Bro. Dwight shared the gospel with the man who openly accepted the Lord that day. I had goosebumps all over as he told this miraculous story. Can you imagine the rejoicing that went on in the ministry headquarters that day!?!

Wendy was so happy to see me again! She was a student of my parents at the school, but I taught her on Wednesday nights at our church. We hadn't seen each other since 1983!

Jan and George seemed happy to be reunited!

Lots of hugging through out the day.

Here I am with Paige!! I was her first grade teacher and taught her how to read! I hadn't seen her since the mid eighties when she was still a little girl! She is now retired from the Air Force. One of her most recent accomplishments was spending nearly five years writing an instructional curriculum for the Air Force. I kept rubbing it in that I was the one who taught her how to read! I'm so proud of her and what a sweetie she is!

Two great godly men, Bro. Dwight and my dad!

Aunt Rita greets Shane.

Brother in laws, Clint and Agustin

This photo needs no words. I love it!


Mrs. C said...

Your pics are so, so lovely! I feel oversocialized just looking at them! SO many people!

Anonymous said...

Why do I always get the impression that you are a crazy bunch? LOL

Looks like you had a blast and reunited with some great people!

Susan said...

Yes, you have indeed been scarce but I see you a lot on FB. Life has "stages" and I sometimes find my blogging waning, also.

Kelly said...

Nice photos. It's wonderful that you were reunited with people who are special to you that you haven't seen in a long time.

I missed you on the blog and am glad that the Lord is bringing healing to you and your loved ones.

I'm still blogging and I frequently check in to see if you are. You haven't been completely forgotten in blogland:)

MightyMom said...

JM got Diet Coke coming out her nose in that last pic???

just wondering


y'all look great! good to see all the pics.

hope that all's getting better and better at home.

Kathy said...

Pam, I love all of these wonderful photos! What a fun time you had!!!
I pray that your reunion was a time of receiving back some of what you gave as a teacher and a friend. I pray the Lord will add all the more to you AND through you in this next season of life! You're a joy!

Brenda said...

That's so neat to see the wonderful time you all had. All the smiles and joyfulness is fun to see!

Amber said...

My mother is so funny! LOL!